Holiday Hours 2014

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Thanksgiving – November 27 2014

  • HB-Longest Ave: closed for the day
  • HB-Frankfort Ave: open 7am-4pm
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane: open 7am-4pm
  • HB-Douglass Loop: open 7am-3pm
  • HB-Gardiner Lane: open 7am-9pm
  • HB-Shelbyville Road: closed for the day
  • HB-Schnitzelburg: open 8am-4pm
  • HB-Main Street: closed for the day, also closed on Friday November 28 2014
  • HB-Fourth Street: closed for the day, open 10am-8pm on Friday November 28 2014 for Light Up Louisville
  • HB-Northfield: closed for the day
  • HB-Blankenbaker Parkway: closed for the day
  • Vint: open 8am-4pm

Christmas Eve – December 24 2014

  • HB-Longest Ave: open until 5pm
  • HB-Frankfort Ave: open until 5pm
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane: open until 5pm
  • HB-Douglass Loop: open until 5pm
  • HB-Gardiner Lane: open until 5pm
  • HB-Shelbyville Road: open until 5pm
  • HB-Schnitzelburg: open until 5pm
  • HB-Main Street: open until 3pm
  • HB-Fourth Street: open until 3pm
  • HB-Northfield: open until 5pm
  • HB-Blankenbaker Parkway: open until 5pm
  • Vint: open until 5pm

Christmas – December 25 2014

  • HB-Longest Ave: closed for the day
  • HB-Frankfort Ave: open 7am-4pm
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane: open 7am-4pm
  • HB-Douglass Loop: open 7am-9pm
  • HB-Gardiner Lane: open 7am-9pm
  • HB-Shelbyville Road: closed for the day
  • HB-Schnitzelburg: open 8am-4pm
  • HB-Main Street: closed for the day
  • HB-Fourth Street: closed for the day
  • HB-Northfield: closed for the day
  • HB-Blankenbaker Parkway: closed for the day
  • Vint: open 8am-4pm

New Year’s Eve – December 31 2014

  • HB-Longest Ave: open until 9pm
  • HB-Frankfort Ave: open until 9pm
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane:  open until 6pm
  • HB-Douglass Loop:  open until 9pm
  • HB-Gardiner Lane:  open until 9pm
  • HB-Shelbyville Road:  open until 6pm
  • HB-Schnitzelburg:  open until 9pm
  • HB-Main Street:  open until 3pm
  • HB-Fourth Street:  open until 3pm
  • HB-Northfield:  open until 6pm
  • HB-Blankenbaker Parkway:  open until 6pm
  • Vint:  open until 6pm

New Year’s Day – January 1 2015

  • HB-Longest Ave: opens at 7am
  • HB-Frankfort Ave: opens at 7am
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane: opens at 7am
  • HB-Douglass Loop: opens at 7am
  • HB-Gardiner Lane: opens at 7am
  • HB-Shelbyville Road: opens at 7am
  • HB-Schnitzelburg: opens at 7am
  • HB-Main Street:  closed for the day
  • HB-Fourth Street:  closed for the day
  • HB-Northfield:   opens at 7am
  • HB-Blankenbaker Parkway:   opens at 7am
  • Vint:   opens at 7am

Note: All shifts on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are staffed by volunteers from our staff, who are available  to work on that day for various reasons (celebrate on other days, family out of town, etc). Many of our regulars have no where to go during the holidays, and we’re happy to provide a place with a friendly face where everyone is welcome. If baristas’ plans change, some of our hours may change on these two days, but this post will be updated as needed.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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HB-Chenoweth Lane – remodel is complete!

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HB-Chenoweth Lane has reopened in St. Matthews after a one-week “extreme makeover.”

According to Mike Mays, Heine Brothers’ President, “We’re excited to reopen our fully remodeled St. Matthews Heine Brothers’ location after a busy seven days. Since it had been 17 years since we opened that location and the well-loved coffee shop was really starting to show its age, over the past week we completed an incredible update which included gutting the cafe, replacing the floor and lighting, painting the entire cafe and adding a brand new espresso bar. Now Heine Brothers’ Chenoweth Lane is officially ready for it’s next 17 years!”

The shop includes artwork from local artists to represent the location’s original history as a gas station and its proximity to the railroad tracks, as well as other Louisville memorabilia. Works include photos of trains by Caren Cunningham, Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Bellarmine University, paintings with road map images by Louisville artist Brandon Bass and photos of the recent ReSurfaced initiative downtown by Jeff McAfee of Studio Threesixty. In addition, there is a bumper from a ’91 Mercury Marquis featuring iconic Louisville bumper stickers.






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Our next remodel begins Monday!

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HB-Chenoweth Lane’s exterior received an update in Spring 2014, and to follow up we’re renovating the interior next week! The cafe will be closed from Monday, November 3 2014 through Sunday, November 9 2014, and will reopen at 6am on Monday, November 10th. For the convenience of our customers, the drive-thru will remain open throughout the week. HB-Chenoweth Lane was our third location, opened in 1997, and after 17 years it is time for a significant update. We’re excited to show you what we have planned – be sure to stop in after the cafe is reopened to see the new shop!

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Heine Brothers’ first Indiana shop is opening soon!

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We’re excited to finally announce that we’re opening our first Southern Indiana location! HB-Veteran’s Parkway will open in late 2014 / early 2015 right off of I-65, on the corner of Veteran’s Parkway and Town Center Blvd in Jeffersonville, IN. We have many existing customers and employees who come from the Hoosier state, and can’t wait to bring our fair-trade & organic coffee, excellent customer service, and deliciously-beautiful drinks to Indiana.

Our new location will feature a spacious cafe and patio, along with a convenient drive-thru, and will be managed by our previous HB-Westport Village manager Katt McGinley. We’re working with studio threesixty on design and Koetter Construction as the general contractor, and we’ll begin accepting applications for employment shortly.


Press release below.


Heine Brothers’ Confirms New Location in Southern Indiana; Announces “Extreme Makeover” Plans for Chenoweth Lane Location

Louisville, Ky. (October 27, 2014) – Louisville-based Heine Brothers’ Coffee (Heine Brothers’), which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month, confirmed today its first location in Southern Indiana. The new Heine Brothers’ will open in late 2014 or early 2015 at 1475 Veteran’s Parkway, Suite 102 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 47130.

According to Mike Mays, Heine Brothers’ President, “We are excited to expand the Heine Brothers’ experience to Southern Indiana and create yet another neighborhood gathering place. This location has easy access to I-65 at Exit 5 and is only five miles from the bridge, and it is surrounded by many neighborhoods and other retail. For those familiar with the area, we will be in the space beside the AT&T store, which already includes a great patio with garage doors opening up to the patio. This shop also will include a drive-thru for added convenience.”

With the recently announced closing of the Westport Road location, this Southern Indiana location will become Heine Brothers’ 13th location. The current Westport Village manager has accepted the position of store manager for Jeffersonville.

In addition, Heine Brothers’ will temporarily close the interior café of its location at 119 Chenoweth Lane in St. Matthews for a one-week “extreme makeover.” The café will close on Sunday, November 2, 2014 and reopen on Monday, November 10, 2014 but the drive-thru will remain open during the renovation.

“Chenoweth Lane was our third location and it opened in 1997, so after 17 years it is time for a significant update,” added Mays. “The good news is that the drive-thru will remain open during the entire renovation so our customers can still get their favorite coffee and drinks all week.”

Heine Brothers’ also recently announced the launch of its new customer loyalty app, Heine Brothers’ Perks. Customers can now leave their wallets at home and pay with their phones, earning rewards along the way. For every $50 spent using the app, you’ll receive $3 toward your next purchase. Plus, you get $2 just for signing up.


About Heine Brothers’

Heine Brothers’ is a 100% fair trade and organic coffee roaster. We opened our first shop in October 1994 in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY, and now have 13 shops and a mobile Airstream espresso bar, all in Greater Louisville. From the beginning, Heine Brothers’ has been committed to operating responsibly and sustainably – donating to numerous community groups, recycling, being founding members of the world’s 1st fair-trade coffee buying cooperative, buying locally. We are committed to continuing to deliver remarkable coffee shop experiences while staying true to our vision of making a difference in Louisville. For more information, please visit or follow us @HeineBrosCoffee.


Mike Mays



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HB-Longest Ave is being remodeled!

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HB-Longest Avenue will undergo a complete remodel in April! As our very first shop, HB-Longest Avenue holds a piece of many hearts here in Louisville and beyond, and we want to make sure it is in top shape for years to come. Business hours will be altered for the remodel:

  • Sunday April 13 2014 – close at 5pm.
  • Monday April 14 2014 – closed.
  • Tuesday April 15 2014 – closed.
  • Wednesday April 16 2014 – closed.
  • Thursday April 17 2014 – closed.
  • Friday April 18 2014 – reopen at 6:30am.

We’d love to see our regulars at one of our nearby locations while HB-Longest Avenue is being remodeled! Come see us at:

  • HB-Douglass Loop – in the Highlands at 2200 Bardstown Road
  • HB-Schnitzelburg – on Eastern Pkwy at Shelby Street – 822 Eastern Pkwy
  • HB-Frankfort Avenue – recently remodeled at 2714 Frankfort Ave in Crescent Hill
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HB-Frankfort Avenue is being remodeled!

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HB-Frankfort Avenue will undergo a complete remodel in April! As our second location, HB-Frankfort Avenue opened in August  1995, and serves as a busy neighborhood gathering place for Crescent Hill. We love this neighborhood, and want to make sure that we have a warm and comfortable shop for years to come. Business hours will be altered for the remodel:

  • Sunday April 6 2014 – close at 5pm.
  • Monday April 7 2014 – closed.
  • Tuesday April 8 2014 – closed.
  • Wednesday April 9 2014 – closed.
  • Thursday April 10 2014 – closed.
  • Friday April 11 2014 – reopen at 6:30am.

We’d love to see our regulars at one of our nearby locations while HB-Frankfort Avenue is being remodeled! Come see us at:

  • Vint – just down the street at 2309 Frankfort Avenue in Clifton.
  • HB-Chenoweth Lane – near the intersection on Frankfort Avenue, Shelbyville Road, Lexington Avenue, Breckinridge Lane, and Chenoweth Lane in St. Matthews.
  • HB-Shelbyville Road – in St. Matthews at 4305 Shelbyville Road.
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After 10 Great Years, We’re closing HB-Eastern Pkwy at Bardstown Road.

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It’s been a great 10 years, but yesterday we announced that we are closing HB-Eastern Pkwy at Bardstown Rd on March 16. With several other Heine Brothers’ locations so close (Longest Ave is 0.4 miles away, Douglass Loop is 1 mile away, and Schnitzelburg is a about 2 miles away) and our lease up for renewal, it just makes more sense to close it and focus on our other locations. Your favorite baristas from Eastern Pkwy will still be around at our other shops, and a great local company will be moving in that we know you are going to be excited about – look for an announcement in March. A remodel of our first shop – Longest Ave – is coming this spring that’ll knock your socks off, and we have even more in store for 2014. Thanks everyone!



Press Release below.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee Turns Over a Highlands Location to Fellow Local Business Owner 

In late 2013, Heine Brothers’ Coffee had to make lease renewal decisions on two of its Highlands locations a mere 0.4 miles apart – the original Heine Brothers’ on Longest Ave and the Heine Brothers’ at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road.  While considering both renewals, it became clear that, one location made more sense than two.  Heine Brothers’ will leave its location at Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road.  “We had a good 10-year run operating two stores less than a half a mile apart,” said Mike Mays, Heine Brothers’ Coffee Co-owner, “but after a lot of thought, we decided it made sense to go to one store in this part of the Highlands. It wasn’t an easy decision but we decided that we could never leave our original store connected to Carmichael’s on Longest Ave.”

Mays mentioned to a close friend and fellow local business owner that Heine Brothers’ was considering leaving one of its Highlands locations.  Interest was sparked and Heine Brothers’ is now excited to pass on this sought after location to a well-known, successful local business that will continue to help support the Highlands community.  “We love the Highlands and are thrilled to be opening on such a great corner,” said the fellow local business owner.

Heine Brothers’ is also happy to announce that it will remodel its original Longest Avenue store.  “We’ll be celebrating 20 years on Longest Avenue in October.  We’re excited to give this store some love and attention so that we’re ready for the next 20 years,” said Mays.

With the remodeling of the Longest Avenue store and the identity of the newcomer to Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road anonymous, Heine Brothers’ encourages their friends, family and loyal customers to follow them on social media.  Here they will provide updates on the remodel as well as hints and the final reveal of what beloved local business will be occupying the space.

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Handmade Mugs

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Here at Heine Brothers’, we love to support local artists. Over the years, we have created relationships with many – from the rotating art shows that happen at HB-Douglass Loop, to the local cd’s that we sell from musical artists like Appalatin and Ben Sollee, to handmade mugs created by local artists available in our shops.

We have several mugs for sale right now from three great female artists right here in the Louisville area: Tonya Johnson, Suzy Hatcher, and Amy Rench.

PhotoGrid_1387383325398 PhotoGrid_1387383465767 PhotoGrid_1387383652879

These one-of-a-kind handmade mugs are available now at your neighborhood Heine Brothers’ for $20 each.


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IdeaFestival Blend new in stores and online!

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Heine Brothers’ is proud to offer our new IdeaFestival Blend! Available for a limited time only, IdeaFestival Blend is medium-bodied, smooth, sweet & chocolatey with hints of blackberry. We’re proud to partner with IdeaFestival on our newest blend, and a portion of each bag sold will go right to IdeaFestival to help them continue putting on a great event for years to come here in Louisville. Stay Curious.

Available now at your neighborhood Heine Brothers’, and also online!

Full press release below:

IdeaFestival® (IF), a leading celebration for creative thinkers and the intellectually curious which is hosting its annual conference later this month, announces the launch of a signature IdeaFestival blend, found only at Louisville’s iconic Heine Brothers’ Coffee. The new “Eye-Opening” blend was created especially for IdeaFestival in support of its mission to create positive, disruptive catalysts which stimulate individuals to think creatively and differently.

“When Heine Brothers approached us with this idea, we couldn’t resist,” said Kris Kimel, IdeaFestival Founder. “Heine Brothers’ and VINT have been great partners to the Festival since we moved here in 2006 and we all know that coffee is a great way to stimulate creativity so it is a perfect fit.”

The Heine Brothers “IF Blend” tries to mimic the smooth enthusiasm of the presenters and participants of Idea Festival.  Bold and Powerful, maybe even a little nutty, with a smooth finish.  The coffee is a blend of 100% Organic & Fair Trade coffee from Mexico & Uganda.

The new IF blend is available in 12 ounce bags at all 14 of Heine Brothers’ locations and online at It also will be available September 25 – 27, 2013 at Heine Brothers’ temporary location in the Kentucky Center Lobby during the Festival. For every $14 bag sold, Heine Brothers’ will donate $2 back to IdeaFestival to support its mission and programming.

Please visit for more information. Stay Curious!


About IdeaFestival®

Founded in 2000, IdeaFestival® programming is a year-round celebration of ideas to foster creativity, innovation and transformational learning. Anchored by the signature IdeaFestival event held each September in Louisville (September 24 – 27, 2013) and supplemented by ongoing IF University programs each month in Louisville and Lexington as well as independent IF Events throughout the year, IdeaFestival is a celebration for the intellectually curious. It’s an eclectic network of global thinkers and one-of-a-kind innovators bound together by an intense curiosity about what is impacting and shaping the future of the arts, business, technology, design, science, philosophy and education.

Visit to review the full list of 2013 confirmed speakers. Follow us @ideafestival and #IF13 to get the latest updates on speakers, sessions and affiliate events.

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Don’t Miss Out on Heine Brothers’ news and promotions!

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Gmail users – this is for you! Google has definitely done a lot to make our lives easier and more productive, but now they have added a step to make sure that you see the email that you want to see. We hope that you value the messages you get from us (news, discounts, HBC Perks updates, community efforts and more!) and want to make sure that you see them if they are in another tab in your inbox.

All you have to do is drag this Heine Brothers’ email from the Promotions tab and drop it into the Primary tab. Then click YES when prompted to ensure all future emails from Heine Brothers’ show up in the Primary tab.

Thanks! Let us know what content you would like in our emails by Contacting us!

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