Barista Highlight: Mollie Murk

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Meet Mollie Murk! Mollie was nominated for this month’s barista spotlight by Georgia Lacy who says “Mollie is sunshine personified. Always a blast to work with and makes amazing drinks. Plus, let’s not forget how insanely talented Mollie is! Mollie will be taking on the role of Juliet in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Romeo and Juliet!” Mollie works at both Chenoweth and Clifton and has been at Heine Bros’ for almost 9 months now. Read below to get to know your barista Mollie! 

How long have you been at Heine Brothers’?: Almost 9 months


Where are you from?: Illinois


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ drink?: Iced matcha with peppermint!


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ food/snack?: The chorizo black bean wrap or a cinnamon scone


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ blend?: Mexico


What is your favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’?: The customers! We get to serve such kind, generous, and interesting people each day, and so many of those people are regulars. I love getting to share a small moment of their days with them, and hopefully give them something meaningful too. People go to get coffee for so many reasons– whether it’s for a burst of energy, the smooth taste, a cozy comfort drink, a sweet treat, or even just an excuse to meet up with friends– I’m so honored that they choose to trust us to provide that.

Why did you want to work for Heine Brothers’?: I love coffee shops myself, so when the pandemic hit and I found myself out of work, Heine Brothers seemed obvious to me! I have always found HB to be such a welcoming community as a customer, and I wanted to be a part of building that environment in a time when many people really need those connections and communal experiences.


What other hobbies do you have?: I love drawing, painting, road trips, aerial silks/trapeze, and hanging with my cat Lil Sebastian. Also, I work as an actor for various theatre companies in town. Right now, I’m playing Juliet in Kentucky Shakespeare Festival’s touring parks show, and will be in other shows coming up in Central Park this summer! Check us out!


Fun fact about yourself?: I think it’s possible that I watched every television show that a person can possibly watch during quarantine. Suggestions more than welcome.


What is your favorite music to listen to at work?: Brandi Carlile with my favorite fellow barista/Brandi fan, Anna! Or any playlist that Sami, my manager at Chenoweth, makes– they are all perfect.


What do you think makes Heine Brothers’ unique in comparison to other coffee shops?: The fact that HB is such a staple in the Louisville community is very special to me. When I first got the job, people said, “you got your Louisville card! You’re a real Louisvillian if you worked at Heine!” I like that HB is a part of our city that everyone has some connection to or experience with, and I appreciate that Heine Brothers works with many other organizations, businesses, individuals, and nonprofits in Louisville to bring the community together even further.


Make sure to stop by Chenoweth or Clifton and say hi to Mollie! Be sure to offer up your best tv show recommendations.

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