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Meet Sarah Lambert! Sarah was nominated for this month’s barista spotlight. One particular nomination from Stephanie Harvey says, “I wanted to nominate Sarah because I was really blown away with her talent! If you have noticed new pastry signs at several of our locations in just these last few weeks (SR, GL, HTC, VP, etc.), you have Sarah Mann to thank! Who knew we had such amazing talent within the company?!” Continue reading to learn more about Sarah!

How long have you been at Heine Brothers’?: I’ve been at Heine Brothers’ for about a year and 9 months. 


Where are you from?: I am originally from Huntington, West Virginia but I grew up in Louisville- mostly in the Valley Station area.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ drink?: I love to drink either an oat milk latte, or just coffee – black or with oat milk.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ food/snack?: Because I have several dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free and soy free) it’s difficult for me to find something to eat. I’ve heard that the vegan breakfast wrap is really tasty though! I hope to see more vegan/gluten free options in the future!


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ blend?: I love the Mountain Dream blend!


What is your favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’?: My favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’ is that I get the opportunity to be creative! I have really enjoyed creating the new menu signs and look forward to more chances to create for HB! 

Why did you want to work for Heine Brothers’?: I wanted to work for Heine Brothers’ because I knew that this was a company that really cared about the local community here in Louisville,  and took actual steps to be a more sustainable company for the earth. I love the Wendell Berry quote on our small cups: “The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”


What other hobbies do you have?: My favorite things to do include hiking, camping, and art. I love connecting with nature, and strive to encourage others to also. I’ve been drawing since I was very young, and in recent years I have taken up wood burning as a new medium. I also love to volunteer with local environmental groups by helping with community gardens and replenishing our urban tree canopy as well as the developing Waterfront Botanical Gardens.


Fun fact about yourself?: I’m currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability at UOfL. As I am becoming more aware of how our human behaviors have an impact on our planet, I strive to apply what I am learning to make a difference wherever I can, whether it’s improving my own sustainable living practices, helping our community to be more green, or to encourage others to consider their impacts on the planet as well. I’ve actually considered starting a barista sustainability council here at HB for anyone who might be interested!


What is your favorite music to listen to at work?: I love listening to instrumental music, such as lofi hiphop or classical jazz. Anything that creates a calm environment is great!


What do you think makes Heine Brothers’ unique in comparison to other coffee shops?: The quirky vibe of a lot of the employees definitely creates a unique work environment and customer experience!


Make sure to stop by our Shelbyville Road location in St. Matthews and say hi to Sarah! Now you know the face behind the amazing art found on many of our menu boards.

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