HB + Western High School Barista Certification Program

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It’s cloudy and gray on this Friday morning, but the students from Western High school are excited to be at Heine Brothers headquarters. They each doctor up their own cup of coffee; some take theirs black, while others add caramel and milk. After the students are settled in their seats, Alec Risch, the Head Roaster and Director of Coffee, starts talking about the coffee plant.

Coffee trees can look like stout bushes that bare a red fruit. The coffee cherries look berry like, but despite their appearance they taste bitter. There are only two seasons in coffee harvesting: wet and dry.  After the constant rain of wet season the plants are triggered to bloom by the beginning of the dry season. The blooms are quite fragrant and smell of honeysuckle. From these blooms we get the cherry, and each cherry contains two coffee beans. These beans are what it is all about!

Generally coffee plants are grown in high altitudes and can be harvested in differing regions. Alec shows a map of all the places we have sourced our coffee from. The students ask questions about the culture and lives of coffee farmers. Since Heine Brothers’ works so closely with the farmers, Alec is able to share lots of pictures and stories from trips to the coffee farms.

Alec then talks about all the steps it takes to process the beans. Beans can be processed using several different methods: washed, wet, semi-washed, honeyed, unwashed, natural, and dry. Each method can drastically change the flavor and essence of the blend. Behind each method that is chosen are the growers who are required to execute it.

Coffee growers are extremely knowledgeable about the type of bean they are looking for. After looking at the photos of our farmers processing the beans, Lakot, one of the students, asked, “So they hand sort every single bean?”. All the students gasped when Alec answered “Yes!”. He told them that along with the hand sorting, each coffee must be tasted by a “Cupper”. That means that the Cupper must taste up to 150 coffees a day.

“All day? So it’s nonstop?”, asks Jamontry.

Alec replies, “Well they slurp it and have a spit cup, but yes they have to taste every coffee”.


Alec then shifts the conversation towards Fair Trade and what exactly that means for both the farmers and our business. He explains that even though small farmers can produce a large amount of coffee that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be able to make a living wage. By being a part of a co-op, we are able to purchase beans in bulk and in turn support these farmers.  It is also extremely important that we make our practices sustainable. There are several ways we can implement this: soil fertility, composting, reforestation, carbon capture, R&D or resistant coffee cultivators. We do this so the farmers can thrive and produce a good product, while also taking care of our environment.

We end our day in the training cafe where Joe Dininger, Training Manager, shares a different coffee than the week prior. Today we are trying Congo.  The students’ progress is quite impressive; they are now able to identify different flavor notes as well as the acidity and body of the blend.

After this the students are introduced to espresso! Though a single shot might look simple in nature, the process in which it’s assembled is much more nuanced. The students are taught how to properly grind, groom, tamp, and pull each shot. The students are asked to taste good shots comparatively to bad ones. Both shots are “extremely bitter”, according to one student, but are vastly different in taste.

The students learned a lot today, but most importantly they are gaining the building blocks to become a great barista!

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Meet The Maker: Monica Mahoney

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From the outside it is hard to tell just how ingenious and creative Monica Mahoney’s home is. When entering you can feel the warmth from a crackling fire while a small cat named “biggie” brushes against your legs. The floor plan is completely open and full of small details. I was surprised when Monica revealed to me that the home used to be a general store for the neighborhood. Pictures are hung in the hallway of the store and as you turn to see the space before you it is delightfully shocking. What used to be rows and rows of shelves and countertops, has now become a warm and inviting home, full of art, life, and spirit.

Monica lead me to the back of the house, to a portion she had recently added on. It is hard not to notice the juxtaposed material used in each space. Monica pointed to each one, telling me their origin: bricks from Phoenix Hill, windows from old factories, and vintage tools that had been collected.  Though we stood in this singular place it felt more of an accumulation of the city so many of us have come to love.


We walk to the back of the property where Monica has her studio. We talk for awhile about her process and where she finds inspiration. Just like her house, Monica likes to have meaning behind the materials and subjects she uses for each piece. For example the large painting hanging on her living room wall depicts two women walking across a plaza away from a group of onlooking girls. At first glance you notice the facial expressions and vague feelings of the characters, but after Monica explains the reasoning for lines within the painting and the history between the characters, life is breathed into the piece and it becomes something so much bigger.

In the same way, Monica’s painting of the K&I Bridge for HB-State Street took time and research. Monica learned the history behind the bridge and what makes it so important to our community. In her studio hangs a picture taken after the bridge’s completion. Hundreds of workers dangling from its cross beams reminds you of the people who came before and created the staples of our skyline.

In front of us lies the bits and pieces of an art piece Monica is working on for HB-Longest Avenue. She wanted to make something that would capture the Highlands, and what better than its heart, Cherokee Park. Monica loves the fact that the park belongs to everyone and it has been such a big part of so many peoples’ lives in the community. Her piece consists of layers of wood that create a bright topographical map of the park. This vuja de affect allows the viewer to see something quite familiar in a completely different way.

Monica has a true talent for capturing our community, and we are so honored to house some of her amazing work.


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HB + Western High School Barista Certification Program

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It’s 9am on a Friday when six Western High School students file into Heine Brothers’ Headquarters. The sky is cloudy and construction seems to patter on outside as the groggy students find their way to their seat. Toni McDowell, Store Operations Manager, starts the day by breaking down what exactly these next couple of weeks are going to entail.

Western is not your normal high school; the students participate in programs where they can learn different skills and trades. These students are part of the culinary program and have chosen Heine Brothers’ as their out of school experience . Over the next few weeks they will learn everything they need to know to run a coffee shop, from the sourcing of the beans to handing a customer their drink.

Nathan Veneman, our Roastery Operations Manager, talks to the students about what it takes to keep our company running. Supplies have to be ordered, employees need to be paid, overhead and repairs have to be managed; there are hundreds of variables that need to be monitored everyday. Nathan makes sure that the students are aware of all the “behind the scenes” work that goes into running a business.

The students get to see each department of the business during the tour of Headquarters. We walk through our training cafe, the offices, and finally the roasting floor. The students are asking great questions. Tameira, one of the students, asks, “Can women be coffee roasters?”. Nathan ensures her that we have had several women roasters in the past and they have played an integral part of our business.

After a short break, we convene in our training cafe. Today we are brewing our Bolivia coffee.  Joe Diniger, our Training & Quality Control Manager, talks about the process of cupping. He explains to the kids that cupping is a systematic approach to analyzing a coffee’s tastes and aromas. Though we will not be performing an entire cupping process today, the kids are still asked to smell and sip the coffee. We use the flavor wheel to evaluate the notes within the brew.

Most everyone agreed that the Bolivia blend had notes of nut flavor within it. To better illustrate his point about flavors, Joe encouraged the students to try some of our teas. In particular, our Mango India has strong mango and fruit flavors that can be easily detected among the more bitter black tea notes.

As we approach the end of today’s class Mike Mays, the co-owner/President of the company, stops by to tell the students about his story and how he started the business.

These days there seems to be coffee shops on every corner, so the students were surprised when they heard about the complete absence of them in the early 90’s. Mike describes a time when people doubted his “contemporary” ideas of selling coffee. Mike held onto his vision and gained traction within the Louisville market. Though he found success, he made it a point to involve his work with the community. As we wrapped up today’s session Mike told the students that doing the right thing and helping your community should be an essential part of running a good business!

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Meet Your Barista: Katy @ Vint

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As a longtime staple at Vint, Katy’s befriended customers and fellow baristas alike! Not only does she make you feel like you’ve known each other for years, she makes sure you have a great day, every time you see her.
Katy’s manager at Vint, Georgia, says, “Katy has the unique gift of immediately being able to make someone’s day better. You know if she’s on bar you’re going to get an amazing drink. On top of all of that she’s an incredible singer! Like seriously, she’s really really good.”
What store do you work at?
I work at VINT!
How long have you worked at Vint?
I’ve worked at VINT for four years!
Are you a native Louisvillian or a transplant?
I am a Louisville native. I love this city so much.
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Meet Your Barista: Georgia @ Vint

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She’s always good for a pun, or a listening ear! You may know her by her love of whales or her ability to recite the movie Homeward Bound, but most importantly, Georgia is a favorite of her baristas and customers alike.

Erica, the HB Events coordinator, remembers the first time she met Georgia,  “at the beginning of 2017, when she was the Assistant Manager at HB-Veterans Parkway. She worked the very first event that I had coordinated (an early morning race in March), and I remember being impressed with her work ethic. She’s also hilarious, and is a wealth of knowledge in many fields.”

Get to know Georgia, the manager at Vint!


How long have you been working at HB?

I’ve been working for the company for almost 4 years.


Louisville Native or Transplant?

Technically I’m a native.  I was born in Louisville, but grew up in Southern Indiana. I love both places for different reasons.


You compete in a lot of Latte Art Competitions – what does being a contestant entail?

Latte Art Competitions are a blast! Each one differs a little bit in what the rules are but generally you register beforehand or pay a small fee to enter.  There’s usually a large bracket and depending on the competition it’s either single or double elimination style. Some competitions have each round as a free pour where you pour whatever you want and other competitions roll dice to determine what size mug you pour into and what design you have to pour (heart/rosetta/swan etc..)



What do you love about pouring latte art?  

I love that it’s something that you can always push yourself to be better at.  There’s always something you can work on or improve. Also, I like knowing that I’m handing out a drink I can take pride in and the customer will enjoy.  


Proudest Latte Art creation?

I’d say the pour I’m proudest of was a swan pour from a few weeks ago.  It was really symmetrical (as much as a swan can be), the contrast was good, and it looked like a swan!



Which was the last Latte Art Competition you were in?

The last competition I was in was the KY vs. TN Throw Down at Spencer’s Coffee in Bowling Green Kentucky.  It was a blast. They brought in food trucks, had a ton of prizes people could enter to win and all of the proceeds benefited a local nonprofit called, The Hive.  It was definitely the biggest competition I’ve been to. There were barista’s from as far away as New York!

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I’ve got a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  His name is Enzo (named after the book The Art of Racing in The Rain ) and he’s awesome. He’s a pro when it comes to catching Frisbee!


What’s your favorite movie?

Oh man.  This is the hardest question.  I’ve got a lot of “favorite movies” depending on the season/my mood/etc… Currently, because it’s fall and I’m feeling nostalgic I have to go with Homeward Bound.  It was my absolute favorite as a kid and I have most of the dialogue memorized. Really any movie that tugs at the heart strings and involves animals is going to be a favorite of mine.  Free Willy comes in at a close second right now and is the reason for my intense appreciation and interest in Orcas.



What needs to be invented that hasn’t been invented yet?  

An actual hoverboard. I want to have a Marty McFly moment!


Favorite HB drink?

Double Con Panna. It’s the perfect way to start my morning. Enough caffeine to wake me up and it’s sipped through whipped cream.  What’s better than that?


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Meet Your Barista: Tess @ HB-Douglass Loop

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If you’ve met Tess, chances are you already know she’s one of the friendliest baristas around. You might also be able to tell she has flair for design (she’s a painter and a bookbinder). When she’s not working at HB-Douglass Loop and doing her artist thing, you might see her out and about at a community event for Heine Brothers’.
Erica, the Heine Brothers’ Events Manager, says working with Tess makes slinging coffee at events even more fun, “She’s friendly, a hard worker, and has a great eye for aesthetics.”
Say hello next time you’re at HB-Douglass Loop, and make sure to ask her about her pet hens!
How long have you been working at HB?
A little over 2 years.
Louisville Native or Transplant?
I grew up in Shepherdsville, but I like to consider myself a Louisville native.
When you’re not working at Heine Brothers’, what do you get up to?
You can usually find me cooking with friends, reading on my back patio, in a yoga class or hanging out with my roommates two adorable dogs and our 3 chickens
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Meet Your Barista: Cassidy @ HB-Shelbyville Road

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As a future Forensic Anthropologist, Cassidy might just be the most interesting person in the room! Make sure you ask her about her plans to dig-up a seventeenth century Polish grave site this summer as a part of her field study.


As her co-worker Hayley says, “She’s super cool to work with, extremely dedicated to her studies, and has the most wicked sense of humor out of all the baristas here.”


Which location do you work at?

Shelbyville Road



How long have you been working at HB?

It’ll be a year in this month



When you’re not working at HB, where are we most likely to find you?

When it’s warm I spend just about all of my time at the dog park. Wherever you find me, I’m definitely studying or reading. I do fun things too, I swear. I just turned 21 so I’m getting to experience that part of Louisville now.

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Meet Your Barista: Erica, Events Manager

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Don’t blink or you might miss her!

As the Events Manager for Heine Brothers’, Erica is constantly on the go – organizing and prepping for all the community events that HB contributes to. From festivals to races, picnics and fundraisers, Erica makes sure event-goers get their coffee (or tea!) and everything runs smoothly. On top of her work with HB, you can find Erica teaching Slique Yoga or helping deliver babies as a Doula!

But even when she’s at her busiest, she’ll always make time for you. Generous and extremely kind, Erica is a great person to have on your side. Next time you see her out-and-about, make sure to tell her hello!


What is your position at HB, and what does that position entail?

I am the Events Manager, which entails a healthy mix of computer work as well as physical labor. I spend a good chunk of time emailing vendors and our staff, coordinating days and times. I probably look at three different calendars at least twenty times in a work day! Once I’ve coordinated all of the logistics I start prepping for the event – I put in bean and dairy orders, I pull out all of the supplies that we’ll need, I make all the drinks that we’ll be selling, and then I create a menu on our iPad. On event day if I’m not working the actual event, I try to at least visit our booth to see how things are going, especially if we have new people working. After every event, a mini inventory is taken so that I can calculate an accurate sales report, showing our labor, sales, profits, losses, etc.


How long have you been working for HB?

I started working at VINT in September of 2011, and we merged with Heine Brothers a couple months after that. In January of 2017 I was promoted to the Events Manager.


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Meet Your Barista: Will @ HB-Schnitzelburg

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Will is definitely not shy. With his tattoos and love of motorcycles, and his thrash-metal punk band cred, he could cut an intimidating figure… in reality he’s anything but. Outgoing and generous with his time, Will is a favorite of customers and his co-baristas!

Ella, his Manager at HB-Schnitzelburg, says he is, “Interesting from his tattoos to his name, WILLIAM LITTLE FORREST. Customers LOOOOOOVE him… He is so sweet.”

And as if that wasn’t evidence enough of his character, a co-worker added, “Will is awesome. Second that!”

Which location do you work at?

How long have you been working at HB?
On and off since 2010, so around eight years.

What are you listening to right now?
It’s a toss up between Last podcast on the left and DJ Screw, as far as the first thing I put on when I get up.

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Meet Your Barista: Alison @ HB-Omni Louisville

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Moped enthusiast. Boss barista. An all-around fantastic friend, Alison is definitely someone you want to meet!

While she’s been the long-time manager of HB-Northfield, but she’ll be moving to the new Heine Brothers’ location at the Omni Hotel soon.

“Alison is not only an amazing manager and a great barista, but a really genuinely nice person. She has worked so hard to make HB-Northfield the successful store it is today, and she will be greatly missed. I am excited for her next adventure at Omni, and proud to have her represent our brand at this important location,” said Toni McDowell, who is the Operations Manager. 

Make sure to stop in and say hello to Alison when you’re downtown this Spring!

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