Meet Your Barista: Mary @ HB-Frankfort Ave.

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This month, we want to introduce you to Mary from our Frankfort Avenue store! When Mary isn’t working at Heine Brothers’, she’s teaching at YouthBuild Louisville and helping organize Girls Rock Louisville, an amazing musical summer camp experience that empowers girls and gender non-conforming youth!


Which store is your “home” store?
I work at the Crescent Hill store on Frankfort.


How long have you been with Heine Brothers’?
I have been working at Heine Bros for a year and a half.


Are you a native Louisvillian or a transplant?
Transplant! I was born and raised in the greatest city in the world, Chicago. My partner is originally from Louisville, so we moved here a year and a half ago to be closer to her family. It was an adjustment, but I feel like I’ve found my place here.




You’re an organizer of an awesome Louisville organization called Girls Rock Louisville – could you share a little bit about the mission and how it got started?
Our mission is to empower girls and gender­ non-conforming youth from all backgrounds by exploring music creation in a supportive, inclusive environment. Over the course of a week, campers learn an instrument, form a band, write a song, and perform in concert,­­ all while learning about self-confidence, self-­expression, social justice, and community building.


There’s an international community of folks putting together these camps – the first was in Portland 15 years ago. A group of us from GRL went to the Girls Rock Camp Alliance conference outside Philadelphia last month. It’s really a lot of female and LGBTQ musicians trying to create all the things we wish had been around when we were younger: a supportive community pooling their knowledge and experiences to help young people believe that they can be anything they want. Girls Rock Louisville grew out of the Outskirts Music Festival, which had a weekend of “Rockshops.” This summer is the first time it has been a full weeklong camp. It’s really exciting! Our applications opened on May 1 at, and they started coming in right away. We are going to have paper applications at outreach events in the next month to make sure we’re reaching everyone we can.

What started your involvement in such an awesome organization?
I met one of the founders, Carrie Neumayer, through a friend shortly after moving here. She’s one of my best friends now and through GRL, I’ve met so many amazing people. I expected to get a full-time teaching job when I moved here, but I still don’t have one. I teach at YouthBuild Louisville and then Heine Bros allows me the flexibility to dedicate as much time as I need to organizing and outreach.


What’s the best part about getting to work with the campers at Girls Rock Louisville?
Helping girls learn to creatively express themselves and connect with an audience is so amazing and rewarding. I know what music meant to me when I was a teenager. A lot of angst was channeled through my guitar.


One thing you’ve learned working at Girls Rock Louisville that you want to pass on to others?
I played in a band called the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir for a number of years, and we always seemed on the precipice of “making it,” what ever that means. We recorded a few albums that were put out by independent labels, toured the country and played music festivals, and were critically acclaimed, but never got to the point where we could make a living at it. For a long time, I felt like a failure; GRL put that in perspective for me and I really fell back in love with music. Success isn’t about how many records you sell or who your manager is. If I can be an example for somebody to pick up an instrument and take a chance and be exactly who they are onstage, then I’ve accomplished all I dreamed of.




You must be a pretty big music fan, working with all these talented campers – any bands/artists you recommend?
I have to mention Chance the Rapper. I think he’s this generation’s Curtis Mayfield with the way he tackles complex subjects like gun violence in Chicago. I love St. Vincent, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power, and Perfume Genius. One of our alumni from the Rockshops, Hoe Garden, are a local band to keep an eye on.


One thing you’d tell your teenager self if you could?
It gets better. There’s a whole world out there to discover. But do your homework first.


Lastly, what your favorite HB drink & why?
I’m pretty boring in this respect. I’m happy with a small soy latte. I love sweet things, just not in my coffee.




Girls Rock Louisville is still taking applications until June 18th! Fill out the application HERE. Find out more about the organization and how you can support their mission on their website:


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Memorial Day 2016

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Memorial Day – Monday May 30 2016 – Both downtown locations will be closed, all others open at 7am. Thanks!

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Bike To Work Day is Friday May 20th!

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Bike To Work Day is Friday May 20th! Show us your bike helmet, and we’ll give you $1 off your drink! Valid at all Heine Brothers’ and Vint Coffee locations on Friday May 20 2016 only.

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World Fair Trade Day is Saturday May 14th!

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World Fair Trade Day is May 14 2016! Stop in on Saturday May 14 and get $1 off any 12 oz. bag of coffee! All Heine Brothers’ coffee is certified organic & fair-trade.

Offer only valid Saturday May 14 2016 at all Heine Brothers’ and Vint Coffee locations.

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Get your mom a Heine Brothers’ gift card, and get a free drink for yourself!

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Mother’s Day is May 8 – Buy a $25 or more gift card, and get a free drink for yourself! Offer valid at all Heine Brothers’ and Vint locations Monday May 2 2016 through Sunday May 8 2016.

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Heine Brothers’ Coffee Brewing Up Portland Warehouse District Revitalization

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Future Rendering of New Heine Brothers' Building & Signage- Credit Jeff ...



Heine Brothers’ Coffee Brewing Up Portland Warehouse District Revitalization

Growing coffee roaster to open new corporate offices, roastery, warehouse, and training center.

Louisville, KY (April 18, 2016) – Heine Brothers’ Coffee announced today that it is making a major redevelopment move in the important historic Louisville neighborhood becoming known as the Portland Warehouse District. In an expansion of operations, the 13 store organic and fair trade coffee company will soon begin renovating a more than 100 year old building at 1301 W. Main St.  The 40,000 square foot building, which boasts an additional 40,000 square feet of basement space on the northwest corner of 13th and Main streets, will serve as a corporate office, roastery, warehouse and state-of-the-art training center.

“There is a lot of momentum on the west side of Ninth Street, and as a local company we see an opportunity to make a positive impact on the neighborhood,” said Heine Brothers’ President Mike Mays.   “We’re excited about the potential to hug the phase 4 expansion of Waterfront Park West. To be in a beautiful building believed to be the city’s first steel beam warehouse constructed right after the turn of the century is another big draw. Combining our Offices, Roastery/Warehouse and Training Center in this new facility will energize our company, while also demonstrating our commitment to the renewal of the area.”

For the last 16 years, HVAC contractor, Automatic Air, has operated out of the building. Renovation will begin later this spring, with Heine Brothers’ targeting a late summer 2016 opening.

Heine Brothers’ will occupy 16,000 square feet of the building at 13th and Main, and is seeking to lease 24,000 square feet of commercial space.

The company’s corporate offices are currently located above Heine Brothers’ Crescent Hill store.  Heine Brothers’ also has a small warehouse and training space in the Clifton neighborhood.

A total of 15 employees will soon work out of the new headquarters, roastery, training center, and warehouse, with room for additional growth.


About Heine Brothers’

Heine Brothers’ is a 100% fair trade and organic coffee roaster. The company opened their first shop in October 1994 in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY, and has 13 locations and a mobile Airstream espresso bar. Heine Brothers’ is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably – donating to numerous community groups, buying locally and co-founding the world’s 1st fair-trade coffee buying cooperative. The company is committed to continuing to deliver remarkable coffee shop experiences while staying focused on making an impact in Louisville and around the world. For more information, please visit or follow @HeineBrosCoffee.


Tyler Glick


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Join us in the White Ribbon Campaign.

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The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. This year, Heine Brothers’ is teaming with The Center for Women and Families and their Own It Initiative for the launch of the White Ribbon Kentuckiana campaign.

What is the White Ribbon Campaign?

The White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s most effective initiative to engage and mobilize men and boys to prevent sexual and domestic violence.

White Ribbon Kentuckiana begins with a relatively simple pledge – that men:

  • will not condone gender-based violence
  • will speak out against gender-based violence, and
  • will take action to end gender-based violence
  • commit to creating a society free from gender-based violence


Why is this focused towards men?

Men have a particularly critical role to play in responding to and preventing sexual violence, largely because they have been notably absent from the efforts. The value that men have in responding and preventing sexual violence is in part based on men’s position as community members — we all have a role to play in ending sexual assault. But also because men as a collective have a different relationship to the social norms that allow some men to continue to perpetrate sexual violence.  Because of men’s different relationship to these norms as compared to women, men have a unique opportunity to disrupt these social norms.

Want can you do?

  • Attend Take Back the Night on Wednesday March 30 at the Red Barn at U of L.
  • Stop by your neighborhood Heine Brothers’ and pick up your own pledge card and white ribbon.
  • Talk to the men in your life about sexual violence, and encourage them to speak out and take action. Prevention is key.
  • Invite the men you know to wear the White Ribbon and to join the efforts of the Own It Initiative in our community.

Check out for more information.

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Introducing the Heine Brothers’ Explorer Series!

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Heine Brothers’ Coffee is excited to introduce a selection of very special, small lot coffees for your  enjoyment.  We’re calling this group of coffees “Heine Brothers’ Explorer Series”, and we’ll be rolling them out throughout 2016.  Coffees selected for Explorer Series are a little bit different than our perennial offerings, representing different types of coffee cultivars, alternative coffee cherry processing methods, or unique flavor profiles.

Each of these coffees is still 100% organic and fair-trade certified, and purchased through our importing co-op, Cooperative Coffees. Cooperative Coffees’ relationship-based model of equitable trade often affords us some very exciting opportunities.  In this case, we are able to support farmer organizations who are working hard to distinguish themselves in an increasingly tight marketplace.  Many farmer driven initiatives focus on improving education and best farm management practices, creating more effective traceability systems to track individual farmers’ coffees, and developing product “tiers” that reflect both green coffee quality and specific flavor profiles that importers and roasters seek.  By contributing  technical and financial assistance for such projects we get improved access to some remarkable coffees.

We want to share with you exactly what excites us about each of these Explorer Series offerings, so we’re creating some new packaging and web content to help tell those stories.  We are working with local designer and printmaker Karen Weeks of Moxie Letterpress on some very exciting new packaging.  Each bag features details on country of origin, co-op and farmer info, coffee varietal, altitude, and of course tasting notes.  Karen has also thoughtfully included her interpretations of traditional textile patterns from specific coffee growing countries on each package.  You will also find a web address to the Explorer Series blog where you can read all about each coffee as it’s released.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these exceptional limited release coffees with you.  It should be a fun and interesting year of exploration for us and you.  Please enjoy.

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Spring 2016 Seasonal Drinks

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  • Nutty Irishman – a St. Patrick’s Day treat with Irish Cream and Hazelnut!
  • Nutty Irishberg – a deliciously-blended Nutty Irishmen
  • Ginger Soda – a secret barista favorite is unleashed. Spicy, sweet, and refreshing!
  • Vint Julep – just in time for the KY Derby, our Vint Julep is a latte that features Bourbon Smoked Sugar and Mint Julep Sugar from Louisville’s own Bourbon Barrel Foods!
  • Vint Julep Iceberg – the Vint Julep, only blended!
  • Campfire Tea Latte – smokey & delicious blend of cocoa, cinnamon, and Lapsang Souchoung makes a toasty smorestastic treat!
  • Citrus Green Iced Tea – this customer favorite has flowers of ginger, orange, and peach – as well as orange peel, ginger, and apricot!


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Daylight Savings Time starts this Sunday!

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Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday. Losing an hour is rough – we’re here to help.

Get a FREE extra shot of espresso in any drink on Sunday March 13 & Monday March 14.


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