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Winter’s Warmth

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Just in time for the Holidays, you can find Winter’s Warmth in stores or online now!

Winter’s Warmth blends three of our favorite fair trade, certified organic Latin American coffees for a smooth, full-bodied taste. Winter’s Warmth is a medium roast and has flavors of nougat, cinnamon, chocolate, with a lingering aftertaste.

The coffee and the bag design were inspired by the Danish word hyggeThough it has no direct translation in English, it’s meaning invokes the feelings of enjoying life’s simplicity, closeness, comfort, peace, graciousness, warmth, and family. To the Danish, it’s more than just a frame of mind – it represents a cultural approach to life. 

Karen Weeks, the designer who is also behind our Explorer Series bags, created a lovely package that channels the meaning of hygge. With the cheery red bag and whimsical design, it captures the essence of the feeling you get when you sip Winter’s Warmth.

So this winter, relax and make yourself feel at home with our newest coffee!

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Introducing the Heine Brothers’ Explorer Series!

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Heine Brothers’ Coffee is excited to introduce a selection of very special, small lot coffees for your  enjoyment.  We’re calling this group of coffees “Heine Brothers’ Explorer Series”, and we’ll be rolling them out throughout 2016.  Coffees selected for Explorer Series are a little bit different than our perennial offerings, representing different types of coffee cultivars, alternative coffee cherry processing methods, or unique flavor profiles.

Each of these coffees is still 100% organic and fair-trade certified, and purchased through our importing co-op, Cooperative Coffees. Cooperative Coffees’ relationship-based model of equitable trade often affords us some very exciting opportunities.  In this case, we are able to support farmer organizations who are working hard to distinguish themselves in an increasingly tight marketplace.  Many farmer driven initiatives focus on improving education and best farm management practices, creating more effective traceability systems to track individual farmers’ coffees, and developing product “tiers” that reflect both green coffee quality and specific flavor profiles that importers and roasters seek.  By contributing  technical and financial assistance for such projects we get improved access to some remarkable coffees.

We want to share with you exactly what excites us about each of these Explorer Series offerings, so we’re creating some new packaging and web content to help tell those stories.  We are working with local designer and printmaker Karen Weeks of Moxie Letterpress on some very exciting new packaging.  Each bag features details on country of origin, co-op and farmer info, coffee varietal, altitude, and of course tasting notes.  Karen has also thoughtfully included her interpretations of traditional textile patterns from specific coffee growing countries on each package.  You will also find a web address to the Explorer Series blog where you can read all about each coffee as it’s released.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these exceptional limited release coffees with you.  It should be a fun and interesting year of exploration for us and you.  Please enjoy.

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Ugly Sweater Blend – HB’s 2015 Holiday Blend – Now Available!

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The holidays are a great time to come together with friends and family to reconnect. Taking time out from the busy world to truly enjoy each others’ company – catching up with the kids’ after-school activities, sharing family recipes, the upcoming football game – and nothing goes better with good conversation than an excellent cup of coffee.


We debuted Ugly Sweater Blend on Friday 11/20 at A Family Affair – a fundraiser for The Family Scholar House – at Copper & Kings.

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Featured Coffee: Nicaragua La FEM

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This month we feature coffee from La FEM (Fundación Entre Mujeres, or Foundation Between Women), from Nicaragua.  Based in Estelí, a state just east of Managua, the Foundation Between Women is a collective of tradeswomen, educators, and farmers whose one purpose is to empower and support women in what remains a largely male dominated culture.

In their own words, the women of La FEM believe in the right of women everywhere to be free from sexual and domestic violence.  They promote reproductive rights and women’s health, protection of natural resources, and economic autonomy for all women.  The scope of La FEM is wide, and includes women’s health initiatives, literacy projects, political organization, and economic development projects.  Most members of La FEM support themselves and their families by growing coffee.  They are also subsistence farmers, and have recently been developing trade schools for girls.

In about 2010, our Cooperative Coffees partner Just Coffee Coop from Madison, WI connected with La FEM, and were immediately struck by the strength and resourcefulness of the women, most of whom are single mothers.  One of La FEM’s biggest struggles since their foundation in 1995 was building a reliable pipeline to the global coffee market.  Just Coffee shared this story with Heine Brothers’ and other Coop Coffees members, and without hesitation we laid the foundation for a partnership with these farmers.

The ensuing years have been a struggle for the farmers and our relationship.  As with all other coffee farmers in Central and South America, the women of La FEM have been hit hard by la roya.  In 2013 the coffee leaf fungus reduced yields in Estelí by 50% to 60%.  The crisis nearly broke the coop.  With the 2014 harvest things appear to be turning around, both for quality and total production.  We’re very pleased to offer one of the tastiest coffees we’ve  purchased from La FEM since 2011.  It is very smooth, with a medium body and little acidity.  Overall, a nice clean coffee, that is nutty, a bit spicy, with a soft cocoa  and cherry aftertaste.  This makes a great breakfast coffee, or one that you could sip on all day.

For more on the organization called La FEM, check out the excellent video produced by our partners at Just Coffee Coop and Higher Grounds Trading Co.


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Ethiopia Sidama Natural

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This month we are featuring our natural processed coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia. This isn’t one of our newest offerings. It’s certainly not unique to Heine Brothers’.  It’s not even a “seasonal”; we are usually able to stock this coffee year round.  But these facts and the general ubiquity of the name Sidama (aka Sidamo) among specialty coffee roasters make this coffee no less remarkable.


In fact, among Heine Brothers’ offerings, Ethiopia Sidama is always atop my list of favorites.  It speaks volumes to the expertise and ingenuity of the farmers (nearly 80,000 of them) organized under the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) that they are so well known in the coffee world, and produce such a unique and interesting cup profile season after season.

This natural, or dry processed, coffee is handled with the fruit on for the drying stage of processing.  The whole cherries dry in the sun for weeks until the desiccated skin resembles fruit leather.  Processing with the fruit on can be tricky, but when done carefully creates one of my favorite flavor profiles for coffee: big bodied, strong notes of candied fruit, wine, dark chocolate and other wonderful things, with a soft citrus acidity that makes the whole cup sparkle.


The farmers of Sidama Union have been processing this way for countless generations, and have it down to a science.  The coffees they produce are known for distinct blueberry, watermelon, or strawberry up front, followed by a soft wave of semi-sweet dark chocolate in the finish and aftertaste.  My favorite way to enjoy this coffee is in a Chemex, but its incredible complexity means it will be delicious by any brew method.  I make it nearly every day.

The rest of the HB Roastery crew is tired of this grinning idiot waltzing around the roastery exclaiming, “This coffee is sooo good!  So good.”  But, you know what?  I don’t care.  It’s my fave.  I tell them so, and now I’m telling you.  Hope you enjoy.



Available in-store and online.


  • Founded in 2001
  • Compromised of 80,000 members



  • 1700-1950 meters above sea level


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