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Barista Highlight: Vi Adams-Ulmer

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Meet Vi Adams-Ulmer, this month’s barista spotlight! Vi was nominated by their manager, Jenny, who said, “Vi is, without a doubt, one of the best folks I know. Where a helping hand is needed, that’s where you’ll find them. Armed and ready with a John Mulaney quote and the quickest wit you’ve ever heard, Vi is the kind of person you can count on to lift your spirits. They’re an incredible coworker, a consistent friend, and the kind of person who lets you play Rush at 6:00 in the morning without fear of judgment 😉 It truly just feels good to be around Vi!” Read below to get to know your Longest Ave barista, Vi! 

How long have you been at Heine Brothers’?: I’ve been working here for about a year and a half, give or take a few months.


Where are you from?: I’ve moved around a lot in my life, but I spent most of my childhood/teen years in south Georgia. I moved to Frankfort in 2014, then made my way to Louisville right before I started working at HB.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ drink?: I’m a seasonal kind of person, I guess. When it’s hot out, I like to make an iced Mango India. When it’s cold, the dirty Chai or cinnamon Mocha is the way to go.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ food/snack?: Probably our lemon poppyseed muffins. Not warmed up, though. You gotta have the lemon crunchies on the outside.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ blend?: I’ve never tasted anything quite like Natural Ethiopia. It’s my favorite morning coffee.


What is your favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’?: My co-workers are some of the best people I’ve met in my life. Aside from that, our customers are kind and friendly, and our store is very pretty. And I get to work with coffee and tea all day, which is very nice.

Why did you want to work for Heine Brothers’?: I’ve always wanted to be a barista, coffee has always been a big part of my life. I figured if I could share the same joy coffee has brought me over the years, I would be heading in the right direction.


What other hobbies do you have?: I play a lot of video games, but some of my favorites are Animal Crossing, League of Legends, and the Borderlands series. I also enjoy reading, watching horror movies, swimming, and going on the occasional (and rare) hike.


Fun fact?: A Rainbow mantis shrimp have hammer-like appendages that they use to smash their prey at the speed of 50mph. The force of the hit causes a small explosion that generates heat close to temperature of the sun. Fun fact!


What is your favorite music to listen to at work?: I listen to a lot of Pearl Jam, Interpol, The National, and The Police.


What do you think makes Heine Brothers’ unique in comparison to other coffee shops?: Maybe I’m just a weirdo, but I haven’t been to a lot of other coffee shops…like, maybe three different ones in my life (well, two because Sbucks doesn’t count in my opinion.) All I can say is that we have some darn good coffee, tasty pastries, and cool people!


Make sure to stop by Longest Avenue and say hi to Vi! 

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Barista Highlight: Mollie Murk

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Meet Mollie Murk! Mollie was nominated for this month’s barista spotlight by Georgia Lacy who says “Mollie is sunshine personified. Always a blast to work with and makes amazing drinks. Plus, let’s not forget how insanely talented Mollie is! Mollie will be taking on the role of Juliet in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Romeo and Juliet!” Mollie works at both Chenoweth and Clifton and has been at Heine Bros’ for almost 9 months now. Read below to get to know your barista Mollie! 

How long have you been at Heine Brothers’?: Almost 9 months


Where are you from?: Illinois


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ drink?: Iced matcha with peppermint!


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ food/snack?: The chorizo black bean wrap or a cinnamon scone


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ blend?: Mexico


What is your favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’?: The customers! We get to serve such kind, generous, and interesting people each day, and so many of those people are regulars. I love getting to share a small moment of their days with them, and hopefully give them something meaningful too. People go to get coffee for so many reasons– whether it’s for a burst of energy, the smooth taste, a cozy comfort drink, a sweet treat, or even just an excuse to meet up with friends– I’m so honored that they choose to trust us to provide that.

Why did you want to work for Heine Brothers’?: I love coffee shops myself, so when the pandemic hit and I found myself out of work, Heine Brothers seemed obvious to me! I have always found HB to be such a welcoming community as a customer, and I wanted to be a part of building that environment in a time when many people really need those connections and communal experiences.


What other hobbies do you have?: I love drawing, painting, road trips, aerial silks/trapeze, and hanging with my cat Lil Sebastian. Also, I work as an actor for various theatre companies in town. Right now, I’m playing Juliet in Kentucky Shakespeare Festival’s touring parks show, and will be in other shows coming up in Central Park this summer! Check us out!


Fun fact about yourself?: I think it’s possible that I watched every television show that a person can possibly watch during quarantine. Suggestions more than welcome.


What is your favorite music to listen to at work?: Brandi Carlile with my favorite fellow barista/Brandi fan, Anna! Or any playlist that Sami, my manager at Chenoweth, makes– they are all perfect.


What do you think makes Heine Brothers’ unique in comparison to other coffee shops?: The fact that HB is such a staple in the Louisville community is very special to me. When I first got the job, people said, “you got your Louisville card! You’re a real Louisvillian if you worked at Heine!” I like that HB is a part of our city that everyone has some connection to or experience with, and I appreciate that Heine Brothers works with many other organizations, businesses, individuals, and nonprofits in Louisville to bring the community together even further.


Make sure to stop by Chenoweth or Clifton and say hi to Mollie! Be sure to offer up your best tv show recommendations.

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Barista Highlight: Sarah Lambert

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Meet Sarah Lambert! Sarah was nominated for this month’s barista spotlight. One particular nomination from Stephanie Harvey says, “I wanted to nominate Sarah because I was really blown away with her talent! If you have noticed new pastry signs at several of our locations in just these last few weeks (SR, GL, HTC, VP, etc.), you have Sarah Mann to thank! Who knew we had such amazing talent within the company?!” Continue reading to learn more about Sarah!

How long have you been at Heine Brothers’?: I’ve been at Heine Brothers’ for about a year and 9 months. 


Where are you from?: I am originally from Huntington, West Virginia but I grew up in Louisville- mostly in the Valley Station area.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ drink?: I love to drink either an oat milk latte, or just coffee – black or with oat milk.


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ food/snack?: Because I have several dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free and soy free) it’s difficult for me to find something to eat. I’ve heard that the vegan breakfast wrap is really tasty though! I hope to see more vegan/gluten free options in the future!


What is your favorite Heine Brothers’ blend?: I love the Mountain Dream blend!


What is your favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’?: My favorite thing about working at Heine Brothers’ is that I get the opportunity to be creative! I have really enjoyed creating the new menu signs and look forward to more chances to create for HB! 

Why did you want to work for Heine Brothers’?: I wanted to work for Heine Brothers’ because I knew that this was a company that really cared about the local community here in Louisville,  and took actual steps to be a more sustainable company for the earth. I love the Wendell Berry quote on our small cups: “The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”


What other hobbies do you have?: My favorite things to do include hiking, camping, and art. I love connecting with nature, and strive to encourage others to also. I’ve been drawing since I was very young, and in recent years I have taken up wood burning as a new medium. I also love to volunteer with local environmental groups by helping with community gardens and replenishing our urban tree canopy as well as the developing Waterfront Botanical Gardens.


Fun fact about yourself?: I’m currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability at UOfL. As I am becoming more aware of how our human behaviors have an impact on our planet, I strive to apply what I am learning to make a difference wherever I can, whether it’s improving my own sustainable living practices, helping our community to be more green, or to encourage others to consider their impacts on the planet as well. I’ve actually considered starting a barista sustainability council here at HB for anyone who might be interested!


What is your favorite music to listen to at work?: I love listening to instrumental music, such as lofi hiphop or classical jazz. Anything that creates a calm environment is great!


What do you think makes Heine Brothers’ unique in comparison to other coffee shops?: The quirky vibe of a lot of the employees definitely creates a unique work environment and customer experience!


Make sure to stop by our Shelbyville Road location in St. Matthews and say hi to Sarah! Now you know the face behind the amazing art found on many of our menu boards.

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Meet Your Barista: Levi House

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When walking into Levi House’s apartment it is clear that Levi is an amazing artist. His paintings and creations line the walls and make the apartment feel like an art studio. Levi is talented with many different mediums, but he focuses on graphic design. Levi works at our Outer Loop location, but he is also our very first art intern! It was such a pleasure to sit down and get to know him better.

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Meet Your Barista: Adrian @ HB-Douglass Loop

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It’s easy to see why Adrian makes a great manager: he’s hard to ruffle, encouraging and one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Georgia, Adrian’s former manager at Vint, had to brag on him, “Adrian is not only an amazing Manager & Barista, but he also wrote a book!”

When you stop by HB-Douglass Loop, make sure you ask Adrian about his poetry – he’s an extremely talented writer. His collections of poems will inspire you!

How long have you been working at HB?
A year and a half. I started as a barista at the legendary Chenoweth Lane store, and moved to Vint (our location in the Clifton neighborhood) when an Assistant Manger position opened up there. I have been Store Manager at The Loop since April 2018.

Louisville Native or Transplant?
Transplant. I moved here with my partner a year and a half ago, a day before my first day at Heine Brothers’. Before Louisville I lived in Lexington for four years, and Lubbock, TX for two years before that. Originally I’m from North Dakota, which I consider home.

What do you like to do in your spare time, when you’re not working at Heine Bros.?
When I’m not at The Loop, I am probably writing, at the gym, or at home being terrorized by my two cats. I’ve always got a few writing projects going at once. I’m a columnist at Queer Kentucky, and a contributing editor at a queer-and-trans-run small press and arts organization based in Brooklyn, NY, called The Operating System (an incredible organism that is doing incredible work). I curate a project called “Field Notes”–a cross-disciplinary web series where artists, authors, and creative practitioners from all variety of fields shine a light behind the curtain on their creative practice. It’s quite inspiring. I am also currently working on a second collection of poems.

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Meet Your Barista: Layne @ Vint

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Layne is a literal bright spot when you walk into Vint – her hair has awesome teal streaks and she’s usually wearing cheerful colors – but it’s her open and friendly demeanor that really puts the sunshine in your day.

“Layne has been with us for a few months, but she’s already an amazing barista!” Georgia, her manager at Vint Coffee, raves. “In her spare time, she works with horses at the barn she rides at.”

Not only will she tell you about the latest true crime podcast she’s listening to, Layne can also tell you some great stories about her 2 horses and her travels. Stop by to say hello – Layne’s not horsing around when it comes to pouring a great latte!

How long have you been working at Vint?
I’ve been working here for around a year and a half.

Louisville Native or Transplant?
Transplant. I’m from Asheville, NC.

How do you spend your time, when you’re not hanging out at Vint?
I’m pretty much either working for hanging out/working at the barn where my horses are. Also hanging out with some of my great coworkers!

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Meet Your Barista: Ashley @ HB-Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews

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If you have ever met Ashley Ray you know just how cute her pigtails are, how bright her smile can be, and the amazing energy she brings to HB-Shelbyville Road. Ashley manages the store and has created such a warm and welcoming environment for both the employees and customers. It was so much fun to sit down and talk about what makes her so great! When I first arrived at her home I was introduced to her adorable pup Mickey and her kind boyfriend, Mickey. She was quick to tell me that, yes the dog came before the boyfriend! Ashley and Mickey were kind enough to play me some of their beautiful songs, which served as a lovely start to a fun interview. 

Where are you from?

I am from Louisville, but I have lived in Indiana for a pretty long time.


What is your favorite drink?

Black coffee, I really like the Peru Coyona 

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Meet Your Barista: Ben @ HB-Longest Ave.

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Today is extremely hot and humid, like many of us have experienced, the Kentucky sun beats down relentlessly. I find my way through Cherokee Park and get lost down the many side streets and alleys of the Highlands area. Though this area is quite familiar to me I am surprised to find myself on streets I had never been before.  That’s the beauty of the Highlands, its labyrinth effects cease to disappoint. After a lap around the block and some blasting AC I find the house where Ben lives. I am not quite to the door when I here a beckoning meow. Ben let’s me in and I am immediately greeted and introduced to his sweet cat, Harper. Though Ben shows me around, Harper truly outshines him as the welcoming committee. We sit and begin talking about Ben’s time at Heine Brothers’. 

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Meet Your Barista: Katy @ Vint

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As a longtime staple at Vint, Katy’s befriended customers and fellow baristas alike! Not only does she make you feel like you’ve known each other for years, she makes sure you have a great day, every time you see her.
Katy’s manager at Vint, Georgia, says, “Katy has the unique gift of immediately being able to make someone’s day better. You know if she’s on bar you’re going to get an amazing drink. On top of all of that she’s an incredible singer! Like seriously, she’s really really good.”
What store do you work at?
I work at VINT!
How long have you worked at Vint?
I’ve worked at VINT for four years!
Are you a native Louisvillian or a transplant?
I am a Louisville native. I love this city so much.
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Meet Your Barista: Georgia @ Vint

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She’s always good for a pun, or a listening ear! You may know her by her love of whales or her ability to recite the movie Homeward Bound, but most importantly, Georgia is a favorite of her baristas and customers alike.

Erica, the HB Events coordinator, remembers the first time she met Georgia,  “at the beginning of 2017, when she was the Assistant Manager at HB-Veterans Parkway. She worked the very first event that I had coordinated (an early morning race in March), and I remember being impressed with her work ethic. She’s also hilarious, and is a wealth of knowledge in many fields.”

Get to know Georgia, the manager at Vint!


How long have you been working at HB?

I’ve been working for the company for almost 4 years.


Louisville Native or Transplant?

Technically I’m a native.  I was born in Louisville, but grew up in Southern Indiana. I love both places for different reasons.


You compete in a lot of Latte Art Competitions – what does being a contestant entail?

Latte Art Competitions are a blast! Each one differs a little bit in what the rules are but generally you register beforehand or pay a small fee to enter.  There’s usually a large bracket and depending on the competition it’s either single or double elimination style. Some competitions have each round as a free pour where you pour whatever you want and other competitions roll dice to determine what size mug you pour into and what design you have to pour (heart/rosetta/swan etc..)



What do you love about pouring latte art?  

I love that it’s something that you can always push yourself to be better at.  There’s always something you can work on or improve. Also, I like knowing that I’m handing out a drink I can take pride in and the customer will enjoy.  


Proudest Latte Art creation?

I’d say the pour I’m proudest of was a swan pour from a few weeks ago.  It was really symmetrical (as much as a swan can be), the contrast was good, and it looked like a swan!



Which was the last Latte Art Competition you were in?

The last competition I was in was the KY vs. TN Throw Down at Spencer’s Coffee in Bowling Green Kentucky.  It was a blast. They brought in food trucks, had a ton of prizes people could enter to win and all of the proceeds benefited a local nonprofit called, The Hive.  It was definitely the biggest competition I’ve been to. There were barista’s from as far away as New York!

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I’ve got a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  His name is Enzo (named after the book The Art of Racing in The Rain ) and he’s awesome. He’s a pro when it comes to catching Frisbee!


What’s your favorite movie?

Oh man.  This is the hardest question.  I’ve got a lot of “favorite movies” depending on the season/my mood/etc… Currently, because it’s fall and I’m feeling nostalgic I have to go with Homeward Bound.  It was my absolute favorite as a kid and I have most of the dialogue memorized. Really any movie that tugs at the heart strings and involves animals is going to be a favorite of mine.  Free Willy comes in at a close second right now and is the reason for my intense appreciation and interest in Orcas.



What needs to be invented that hasn’t been invented yet?  

An actual hoverboard. I want to have a Marty McFly moment!


Favorite HB drink?

Double Con Panna. It’s the perfect way to start my morning. Enough caffeine to wake me up and it’s sipped through whipped cream.  What’s better than that?


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