City of Louisville provides Business Curbside Recycling!

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by Peter Clark – Equipment & Facilities Manager

Ever since Heine Bros Coffee opened in 1994, our commitment to changing the world one cup at a time has remained at the forefront of what we try to deliver to the community every day. Everyone who works here strives to remember that we are a part of the world and that our actions, for good or bad, have an impact. With this in mind, all nine of our stores proudly recycle everything possible and we are continually finding ways to lessen our carbon footprint (look for our new compostable paper cups coming soon.) Of course, over the years, this has added more work for us. Many, many vanloads have been taken to the recycling dumpsters that are often too full to use. This is where the City of Louisville comes in with a helping hand.

This past April, the Metro Council began offering large, orange recycling carts to businesses in specific districts that are picked up along with the regular recycling service. Obviously, we jumped on this chance to support the city’s new effort and also to let the city support our ongoing one. It delights us to see the city make recycling easier for other local businesses and to help us save some money in gas.

Unfortunately, this service is not citywide just yet. As you know, this past year we have expanded into Germantown and on the other side of the Watterson Expressway and these areas are still waiting to be included in the Metro Council’s new recycling push. As of now, our Longest Ave, Douglas Loop, Eastern Pkwy, and Frankfort Ave stores use those flashy orange carts and their experience has been very positive. We are hopeful that the area of service will expand and all of our stores can take advantage of the Metro Council’s forward thinking.

In closing, we remain so thankful that we live in a city that recognizes the environmental impact of local businesses. It doesn’t only help our company’s personal cause, but smoothes the transition to globally conscious operating for many other storefronts. At the end of the day, providing our expanding community with delicious, fair trade, and organic coffee and tea just became a little easier. And that, is good news for everyone.

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4 Comments for "City of Louisville provides Business Curbside Recycling!"

Claudia McCrocklin

Posted on Friday 7th October, 2011, 10:49pm


FANTASTIC!! We have gone above and beyond to recycle on our own (lugging material from our office to our home recycling bins) but it is hard to maintain the energy to do that! Thank you, City of Louisville!


Posted on Wednesday 19th October, 2011, 1:53pm


I’m in the same district as the new Schnitzelburg Heini Brothers (10-Jim King). I sent an email to them about this issue, and they want to talk about it. I’ll let you know what comes of it.

Curtis Morrison

Posted on Saturday 26th November, 2011, 1:36am


I would say I’m disappointed that business recycling has not been extended to the entire city.

In the Spring of 2010, when a field of 11 mayoral candidates were quizzed at a forum on whether they supported the adoption of business recycling, all 11 said they supported it. The issue wasn’t debated after that because the candidates appeared to be in agreement. Maybe we should have asked which candidates were telling the truth?


Posted on Thursday 1st December, 2011, 4:34pm


Thanks to a coordinator in Tina Ward-Pugh’s office, we just found out that another of our shops (HBC-Chenoweth Lane) is now District 9 and can begin the curbside business recycling too!

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