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Forecastle Festival is nearly here, which means you might be gearing up for a music-filled day or weekend. Maybe you’ve even listened to your Forecastle playlist enough times you know the songs by heart.

At Heine Brothers’, Forecastle Festival time means more than a great lineup. It also marks the anniversary of an important partnership with Forecastle Foundation, the nonprofit that continues the original festival’s mission of environmental activism and conservation.

The Kentucky Dream partnership, which began last year, donates $5 of the proceeds from each bag of Kentucky Dream coffee to restore the world’s “natural awesome” here in Kentucky. The Forecastle Foundation works with The Nature Conservancy to protect the broad range of wildlife at Green River in Central Kentucky and the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust to preserve Pine Mountain in Eastern Kentucky.

You might ask, why those specific areas? Both Green River & Pine Mountain represent some of the country’s most biologically-rich areas – right in our own backyard. The foundation works to protect these and other highly threatened hot spots, around the world.

Holly McKnight, Chairman of the foundation’s board, sums up the spirit of the partnership, “Kentucky is truly a dreamy place, and we’re dedicated to making it stay that way.”

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And for the team at the Forecastle Foundation, the festival gives them the opportunity to showcase the World’s Natural Awesome, and how important it is to protect it. With the Forecastle Fest Nest, festival goers will be able to take a break, #sipnsupport with the Foundation’s partners, and learn more about their mission.

“It’s the one chance we have each year to get in front of a new audience and showcase the work we’re doing and give our incredible partners a voice to the Forecastle audience,” Holly says.

That exposure makes an impact: last year alone, the Forecastle Foundation contributed more than $75,000 to conservation project partners in Kentucky, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. And if you drank Kentucky Dream last year, you helped with that contribution in Kentucky.

Over 1,406 bags of Kentucky Dream have already been sold, but that doesn’t mean the Forecastle Foundation team is resting on it’s laurels. 

“Kentucky Dream has already been so critical to the work that we’re doing in Kentucky – on Pine Mountain with Kentucky Natural Lands Trust and on the Green River with the Nature Conservancy – Kentucky Chapter. The best we can hope for is that this partnership continues to flourish, that people continue to see the value in drinking delicious coffee for a cause – and that we’re able to expand our efforts to protect more of the precious places in this great state of ours,” Holly explains.


And when we asked where the most “naturally awesome” place to enjoy a cup of Kentucky Dream is, Holly answered, “The best thing about Kentucky is that there are innumerable places of beauty and inspiration. Whether it be atop Pine Mountain, hiking the gorge, exploring our massive cave network, kayaking the Green River, or just sitting in your backyard – Kentucky Dream is a delicious way for everyone to support and protect the land you love. Of course, The Forecastle Festival isn’t a bad place to indulge either.”

Guess you’ll just have to get out and explore Kentucky to decide for yourself!



Whether you’re listening live this weekend or avoiding the crowd at the waterfront like it’s the zombie apocalypse, you can still support Forecastle Foundation. Check it out:

Learn More:
Read more about The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s work at Green River and Kentucky Natural Lands Trust’s strides at Pine Mountain.

Do More:
Drinking coffee makes doing good easy (and tasty), but there are so many ways to contribute to Forecastle Foundation’s efforts to protect and rebuild the world’s natural awesome. Apply to become a project partner, make a donation, or volunteer as an Oarsman or Sustainer.

Support More:
Kentucky Dream is available year-round! You can buy at any of our Heine Brothers’ locations, order it online, or find it at the Whole Foods Market in Louisville.

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