Photo: Heine Brothers' President & Co-Founder Mike Mays in the Congo, 2015.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee is excited to introduce a selection of very special, small lot coffees for your  enjoyment.  We’re calling this group of coffees “Heine Brothers’ Explorer Series”, and we’ll be rolling them out throughout 2016.  Coffees selected for Explorer Series are a little bit different than our perennial offerings, representing different types of coffee cultivars, alternative coffee cherry processing methods, or unique flavor profiles.

Each of these coffees is still 100% organic and fair-trade certified, and purchased through our importing co-op, Cooperative Coffees. Cooperative Coffees’ relationship-based model of equitable trade often affords us some very exciting opportunities.  In this case, we are able to support farmer organizations who are working hard to distinguish themselves in an increasingly tight marketplace.  Many farmer driven initiatives focus on improving education and best farm management practices, creating more effective traceability systems to track individual farmers’ coffees, and developing product “tiers” that reflect both green coffee quality and specific flavor profiles that importers and roasters seek.  By contributing  technical and financial assistance for such projects we get improved access to some remarkable coffees.

We want to share with you exactly what excites us about each of these Explorer Series offerings, so we’re creating some new packaging and web content to help tell those stories.  We are working with local designer and printmaker Karen Weeks of Moxie Letterpress on some very exciting new packaging.  Each bag features details on country of origin, co-op and farmer info, coffee varietal, altitude, and of course tasting notes.  Karen has also thoughtfully included her interpretations of traditional textile patterns from specific coffee growing countries on each package.  You will also find a web address to the Explorer Series blog where you can read all about each coffee as it’s released.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these exceptional limited release coffees with you.  It should be a fun and interesting year of exploration for us and you.  Please enjoy.



HB Explorer Series #01: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere: Released April 9, 2016


HB Explorer Series: Silk of the Gayo Mountains

HB Explorer Series #02: Silk of the Gayo Mountains: Released June 14, 2016


HB Explorer Series #03: Rwanda Kigeyo: Released March 13, 2017

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