Heine Brothers’ raises $50,000 for the Kentucky Science Center!

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Impact is one of Heine Brothers’ core values – with every decision we make, we look at how it will impact our community. When we partnered with WDRB to distribute Eclipse glasses for this year’s big event, we knew that we didn’t just want to sell them, we wanted to make a positive impact in the community.

Hundreds of years of advancements in science helped predict the date, time, and path of #Eclipse2017, so we decided to partner with the Kentucky Science Center. The Kentucky Science Center has a rich history of science education, with its beginnings in 1871. Nearly every local elementary school child visits the Kentucky Science Center, and they have programs for people of all ages to learn, discover, and explore the world.

With our promotion, customers could get a free pair of WDRB Eclipse glasses with any purchase, and then could get up to 10 additional pair for $1 each, which went directly to the Kentucky Science Center.

Mike Mays, HB’s co-founder and president, recalled:

“Earlier this year, our friends at WDRB came to us at Heine Brothers Coffee with an idea around eclipse glasses. They had this thought that there’s be a lot of interest in eclipse glasses. I thought, ‘Well, maybe a few people are going to be interested, but are you sure there’s going to be enough interest that we want to have eclipse glasses available at all of our stores?'”

Not only were people interested, but we couldn’t keep them in stock. We distributed our original supply of 60,000 glasses in the first 5 days of the promotion. WDRB came through with an additional 20,000 glasses for our stores, which were quickly distributed as well.

When the eclipse shadows lifted and the promotion was over, we ended up giving away almost 30,000 glasses, and selling a little more than 50,000.

On Wednesday, Heine Brothers’ staff was on hand as we presented a check to the Kentucky Science Center for $50,703.

“When I think about the solar eclipse, I think about how amazing it was for a moment in time … but on a day-to-day basis, the Kentucky Science Center is really all about identifying those kinds of moments every day,” said Jo Haas, CEO of the Kentucky Science Center. “This gift from Heine Brothers and WDRB and the solar eclipse glasses is really taking that focal point from the solar eclipse and shedding light on our mission to do science every day.”

Major thanks goes out to our baristas and store managers, our customers, and WDRB for helping us with our largest fundraiser ever!

Read more about our promotion here.

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