Let’s take a moment to appreciate espresso.

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Espresso is concentrated coffee brewed by forcing hot water through a compressed “puck” of finely ground beans.  The espresso shot is creamy, smooth, and packed with flavor.  Any coffee can be brewed as espresso.  The possibilities for flavor experiences are as limitless as your stock pile of coffees and your imagination.


Heine Brothers’ puts our own twist on classic Italian espresso blends; smoky, chocolaty, and full-bodied, but with 100% specialty grade Organic & Fair Trade arabicas.  No robustas here.  Our goal is a blend of beans that yields a full-bodied, velvety shot that can be enjoyed in your favorite specialty drink, or all on its own.


Our standard blend incorporates a dark roasted Peru for its smoky, toasty quality, a medium roasted Bolivia for its sweetness and cocoa flavor, and a medium roasted Sumatra for body and peppery bite to keep it lively.  A shot pulled from this blend is smoky and semi-sweet, capped by a thick caramel colored crema.  The aftertaste is rich and warm, and will linger long after you’ve slurped the last drop from the bottom of your mug.



Blending and testing coffees for the Heine Brothers’ Espresso blend is always a fun, eye opening, heart racing, jitters inducing part of the job.  We love it.  And, we hope you love the fruits of our labor.


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3 Comments for "Let’s take a moment to appreciate espresso."

Susie Toler

Posted on Friday 23rd May, 2014, 11:54am


I moved from Southern California to Louisville last year. I have never had such good coffee as Heine Brothers Coffee. I am so glad there’s one near me.


    Posted on Tuesday 3rd June, 2014, 9:10pm


    I moved to Chicago, but found no place like HBC. I am so unlucky that I don’t have one HBC near me, but some lucky that we can order bean online. 🙂


Posted on Wednesday 4th June, 2014, 1:43pm


I love HB! I haven’t had any other coffees that come close! If only we could get one over here in Jeffersonville/Clarksville where there are no coffee places… 🙂

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