Meet Your Barista: Alison @ HB-Omni Louisville

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Moped enthusiast. Boss barista. An all-around fantastic friend, Alison is definitely someone you want to meet!

While she’s been the long-time manager of HB-Northfield, but she’ll be moving to the new Heine Brothers’ location at the Omni Hotel soon.

“Alison is not only an amazing manager and a great barista, but a really genuinely nice person. She has worked so hard to make HB-Northfield the successful store it is today, and she will be greatly missed. I am excited for her next adventure at Omni, and proud to have her represent our brand at this important location,” said Toni McDowell, who is the Operations Manager. 

Make sure to stop in and say hello to Alison when you’re downtown this Spring!

Which location do you work at?

Northfield, “Field of the North” as we call ourselves (because of the HUGE grassy field outside our drive-through window). We are located right off the Watterson Expressway and Brownsboro Rd Exit.

It’s interesting; we get “WOW, I had no idea this Heine was even here!” pretty frequently, but its an awesome perk to be able to surprise AND impress people day after day with our store.


How long have you been working at HB?

I have worked at Heine since July 2013. So almost 5 whole years.


Louisville Native or Transplant?

Loyal Louisvillian since birth. I love this city, I love knowing how to get around, and my favorite thing about Louisville is how driven by local businesses it is. It’s awesome having grown up here, and to watch us develop into this beautiful, diverse city. The food is absolutely my favorite part. Grind Burger Kitchen is where it’s AT!


You’re going to be moving from HB-Northfield to managing the new Heine Brothers’ Coffee at the Omni Hotel when it opens this spring – what are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I am looking forward to meeting new, interesting people! Downtown Louisville hosts people and groups from all over the world. I am grateful to have the opportunity to interact and meet new faces, and generate new regulars within the residents of the hotel. I am also so eager to spread the excitement of Derby with all of the out-of-towners this May.

What do you like to do when you’re not working at Heine Brothers’?

Well if i didn’t mention my beloved pet, would this even be a proper interview? My dog Blaze loves his outside time.

He’s an Ibizan Hound mix, so running is essential! I also have a blast riding my vintage moped around Louisville when the weather is nice. Winter hobbies? Skiing when I can make time for a road trip.


You’re in an all-women Moped gang, which is so cool – how did you get into that?

Yeah, Femme Pedals is the name.

Femme Pedals was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2004 (by Megan Miller and Samantha Edwards), with the idea to bring together women moped riders in Southeast Michigan and beyond. The group welcomes all that identify as female and own (or are looking to own) a moped.

Some of us wrench, some of us ride and some do both! As a group, the Femme Pedals raise funds for local charities and non-profits through events and selling merchandise. In total we have donated over $10,000!

In the summer of 2017, 3 members of the group, Ash Gunstrom, Megan Miller, and Kim Wilkims, started a chapter in Kentucky. With many riders from Louisville and Lexington we hope to grow our chapter in 2018! Check us out on Instagram: @femme_pedals




What do you love most about being in Femme Pedals? 

Riding with friends! It so fun to get a group of ladies and just ride the town.

The adrenaline is a plus for me. Just like Skiing, its thrilling and fast and just something totally different than a car or bus. Having control and being more agile on the road makes it an exciting hobby. I love taking it out to discover new streets and neighborhoods. Also, the gas mileage. Compare it to my car and there’s no turning back.


Where did you go on your first Femme Pedals ride?

I have yet to be a part of a moped rally! I am waiting for the warm weather to come and we will start planning some fun rides. I am really looking forward to meeting more members of our group as the KY chapter grows – and diving into the Wrenching part of it. I’d love to learn how to fix my own ped!



What do you love most about your new moped?

The color and the top tank. I had been looking for a dark green moped for about a year before I found mine. This one was not only the perfect color, but its gas tank was a “top tank.” Which to me, looks super cool.  It was perfect, love at first sight! I’ve never made a decision so fast.


Which destinations are at the top of your “Wanderlust List”?

Definitely Yosemite National Park. I have never been west of Missouri, so going to California is already on my list. Experiencing Ancient Sequoia trees in person is something I have been passionate about since I was young. I  know it will be absolutely breathtaking when the opportunity comes around.



Favorite HB drink & why?

Iced Yerba Mate, with a slice of lemon. Working around caffeine for 5 years has caused me to become immune to most of it, but Yerba Mate always comes through with the healthy, sustainable, long-lasting caffeine I seek! I could not live without it.

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