Meet Your Barista: Ciera @ Vint

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Originally from San Diego, Ciera has one of the sunniest personalities around!

Georgia, who works with Ciera and also manages Vint, gushes that, “She brings so much joy and warmth to every shift she works. Ciera’s amazing at latte art and if you’re lucky you’ll get one of her signature rosetta pours. She also teaches at the highlands Latin school in her spare time!” 

Which location do you work at?


How long have you been working at HB?

3 and a half years

Native or Transplant?

Transplant from Southern California

What brought you to Louisville?

I moved here to attend Southern Seminary.

You’re doing a bit of teaching right now – what grade are you working with?

I’m working with 3rd-5th graders. They’re the best — old enough to (mostly) behave themselves but young enough to have a blast learning Latin vocabulary.

What do you love about teaching so far?

I love seeing my students get excited about what we’re learning.

You always have such a positive outlook – what’s your main life philosophy or rule to live by?

Honestly, it’s Jesus. Knowing that I am forgiven and loved by him gives me security, joy, and hope even in really difficult times.

Finish the sentence: I couldn’t live without _____.

Some good dance music

What needs to be invented that hasn’t been invented yet?

Motorized wings that you could strap on in order to fly. I’ve always wished I could fly.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Can I have a multi-destination trip to Norway, Japan, and Ethiopia? (Yes, I know those places are nowhere near each other.)

Favorite HB drink & why?

I love 8-oz mochas. They’re like little mugs of creamy happiness.


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