Meet Your Barista: Jay @ HB-Schnitzelburg

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Before he was a barista, Jay was a daily customer for many years. (And Jay loves Heine Brothers’ almost as much as he loves Halloween.)
As Ella, the manager at HB – Schnitzelburg says, “He was named the King of Halloween by his friends and actually does historical talking walking tours of places like the old Central State grounds and other spooky urban legend spots locally. He’s even done some stuff for TV shows in the past!”
Not only has he worked here at the shop for a number of years, he does a lot of work with the All Wool Democratic Club as a volunteer!
Which location do you work at?
How long have you been working at HB?
Going on 5(00) years.
Native or Transplant?
Louis-villain born and raised.
You’re very into Halloween – when did your love for the holiday start?
For as long as I can remember, I grew up on a healthy diet of late night Monster movies, ghost stories and Count Chocula cereal. 

What is your favorite Halloween thing to do in October?
Too many to list here. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Iroquois Park is definitely near the top. Thousands of intricatly carved pumpkins lighting your way through a darkened trail. It’s breathtaking. I co-host a Pumpkin carving party at my place every year for the Louisville Gore Club film group. I also host an annual hike out at Sawyer Park on the grounds of the old Central State mental hospital every October.
Any interesting ghost encounters or stories you can share?
This would be another long list. For five years I ran tours as Waverly Hills T.B. hospital, and had one or two encounters with things I couldn’t explain. When you’re walking down one of the hallways at 2 am in the morning, and a disembodied voice calls your name… That can be pretty cool. The spirits there aren’t always friendly, I’ve walked out of Waverly bleeding…
Favorite haunted house/haunted place in Louisville?
I’m a semi-retired ghost hunter, so I’m a bit desensitized when it comes to “Haunted Houses.” As far as actual haunted locations, I have to go with Waverly Hills. Some nights it’s just a creepy old building, other nights it puts on one heck of a show. The Palace Theatre and its ghost Fred has always held a place in my heart. It’s not everyone that can say that their grandfather haunts a place.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? 
Last year, I was in a rush for a costume, as in the day of! So in a mad dash to Caulfieds, I came up with the idea to go as Svengoolie, a television Horror Host from the Chicago area. All night I got a lot of compliments on how awesome I looked.
Biggest fear?
The return of Eclipse glasses.
Halloween candy you’re most likely to be munching on?
Reese’s Pumpkins. Hands down my favorite Halloween candy. Perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate.
Favorite HB drink & why?
The Midnight Mocha of course… How could it not be?
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