Meet Your Barista: Jess @ HB-Gardiner Lane

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With a personality as bright as her hair, Jess is happy to tell you about one of her many interests – ranging from glass art to working in a tattoo parlor. Ask her co-workers, and they’ll tell you how much fun a shift with Jess is!
Jess is one of the most interesting baristas at HB-Gardiner Lane! When I first hired her, she was actually in the Derby City Roller Girls, and she sometimes does suspension shows! Oh, and she rocks the drive-through like nobody’s business,” gushes Stephanie, her former manager.


Where do you work?

HB-Gardiner Lane


Is there a story behind your nickname “Spooky”?

I played roller derby for the Derby City Roller Girls a couple years ago. My name was Spooky Lil Ghoul.


How long have you been working at HB?

About 2 years


Louisville Native or Transplant?

Kind of a native. I grew up in Bullitt County but spent a LOT of time in Louisville and recently moved to the city.


3 possessions you couldn’t live without?

My puppy, my amazing partners/friends/roommates, and a bed.


You also work at Tattoo Charlie’s – what do you love about being a piercing apprentice there?

I’ve been working at Tattoo Charlies for a little over a year now. The cool thing about being a piercing apprentice is you start to really pay attention to people’s features and what kinds of piercings would suit them, the different kinds of jewelry that would look good on them. It’s amazing at the end of a procedure to see your client beaming with happiness, when at the beginning they were nervous and unsure.



When did you get your first piercing or tattoo?

My first piercing I got on my 18th birthday as sort of a rebellion against my parents who told me I couldn’t have any. My first tattoo I got on a whim one day. I had gotten my motorcycle permit but still had some time to kill before work. I found the nearest tattoo shop (do not recommend), and got a tiny little black heart just because I could, and to see what it felt like.


You’re also a glass art – what do you love most about working with that medium?

I love how elegant it looks yet it’s a bit dangerous to work with. You really have to pay attention to everything you’re doing and be really precise with it. It takes the entirety of your attention and that can be sort of meditative.


Best meal you’ve ever had?

Honestly, the first meal I could eat after getting my tongue split. I couldn’t eat for a week and those first careful bites were heavenly.



Favorite HB drink & why?

Anything with toffee nut syrup in it.


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