Meet Your Barista: Katy @ Vint

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As a longtime staple at Vint, Katy’s befriended customers and fellow baristas alike! Not only does she make you feel like you’ve known each other for years, she makes sure you have a great day, every time you see her.
Katy’s manager at Vint, Georgia, says, “Katy has the unique gift of immediately being able to make someone’s day better. You know if she’s on bar you’re going to get an amazing drink. On top of all of that she’s an incredible singer! Like seriously, she’s really really good.”
What store do you work at?
I work at VINT!
How long have you worked at Vint?
I’ve worked at VINT for four years!
Are you a native Louisvillian or a transplant?
I am a Louisville native. I love this city so much.

When you’re not at Vint, where are we most likely to find you?
Outside (weather permitting) reading a great book or creating music with my incredibly talented friends.
You are currently a student – what are you studying in school?
I am currently a student at Boyce College, the undergrad for Southern Seminary. My degree is Worship and Music Studies and my concentration is in Ethnodoxology.
You are also a vocalist, what kind of music do you perform?
For my studies in school, I sing classically. I am part of a traveling worship band for my school as well called Boyce Vocal Band. We sing a cappella arrangements as well as contemporary worship music.
Where and with whom do you perform with?
I sing with our college’s choir, as part of BVB, as well as individually in student recitals. All of those events take place on campus, either in Alumni Chapel or Heeren Hall. You might catch me at an open mic around town, occasionally.
If you had a dream job, what would it be?
My dream job would probably be getting to travel around the globe serving, helping and encouraging others primarily through the use of music, but in whatever way they need it most.
Who’s at the top of your playlist right now?
I can’t pick just one so I’ll give you my top three: Sara Groves, Jacob Collier, and Eric Whitacre.
If you could throw a dinner party and invite anyone, past or present, real or fictional character, who would it be?
Rich Mullins. I’d love to hear his insights regarding song-writing as well and his experience in aiming to live a life that reflected the example set forth by Christ.
What’s your favorite Vint Drink and why?
This is cliche, but the Vint Julep has always been my favorite. It’s great regardless of what temperature you make it and can be enjoyed in all seasons. (Plus it’s made with sugars from Bourbon Barrel Foods which supports local business!)

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