Meet Your Barista: Lauren @ HB-Schnitzelburg

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Next time you’re in our Schnitzelburg store, grab a coffee and ask Lauren about her art!



Not only does she create her own art, she plans to back to school for art education. In fact, she’s already spent some time working with high school art students this year, which has given her the teaching bug.


“When you get to have a conversation with her, she is so interesting,” says Ella, the store manager.  “She’s so talented, yet incredibly modest!”


Which location do you work at?


How long have you been working at HB?
Almost a year
Louisville native or transplant?
Native, I’ve lived in Old Louisville my whole life.
You have a background in art – tell us a little bit about the type of art you create.
I am mostly a 2D artist. I focused on figure drawing while in college, but I’m also interested in painting and printmaking for the process. My goal is really to learn everything I can, I love art so much.


What inspires your art?
I think it’s fair to say my feelings and people— a little cheesy, but my senior thesis focused on that and that’s what I’ve always been drawn to. The figure was and still is a very important concept for me.
When you’re not working at Heine Brothers’, you work in art education – tell us a little bit about what you do and how you chose to pursue that career?
I plan on going to graduate school in the fall for teaching art which I’m extremely excited about. Since I’ve been out of undergrad some of my friends have started an art collection called “Crop Circle” and were planning on having a booth at the Flea Off Market by the summer! (So please look out for us!)


If you could go back and give teenage you any advice, what would you say?
Definitely not to overthink everything, I was a real nervous kid but I’ve really grown out of it for the most part.
What do you like to do in your free time?
If I’m home, I’m definitely spending a lot of time with my cat and catching up on movies and TV shows.


What needs to be invented that hasn’t been invented yet?
If it were possible 5 more hours in the day, because we all need a little extra time in my honest opinion… and so I wouldn’t feel bad about taking such long naps after work.


Favorite HB drink & why?
Tumeric Chai with soy is definitely my favorite. It’s perfect. It warms my heart and my soul.


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