Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll #1: Louisville.

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Our customers trust our barista’s opinions on more than just coffee: music, movies, tech, happenings in the neighborhood, and more. A new series on our website, Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll, will round up some of the questions and give our baristas the opportunity to let you know what they think. Enjoy!


What is the best thing that happened in (or to) Louisville in 2014?


“We have an electric bus!” – Kimmi, HB-Gardiner Lane

“I have know idea, I’m not from ky” – Josh, HB-Northfield

“The reopening of Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay” – John, HB-Shelbyville Road

“Formation of Jameron, duh” – Hans, HB-Gardiner Lane

“Easily Mayor Greg Fischer breaking a guitar to kick off the Louder than Life Festival.” – Patrick, HB-Northfield


“A new pro soccer team!” – Kevin – Vint

“Opening of the Big 4 Bridge – riding your bike to the Falls of the Ohio is now actually fun. And safe.” – Chuck, HB Office

“I moved here.” – Mary, HB-Frankfort Ave

Louisville finally getting a Chipotle!!!! Oh, and ReSurfaced was pretty awesome.” – Ashley, HB-Longest Ave


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