Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll #2: Movies.

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Our customers trust our barista’s opinions on more than just coffee: music, movies, tech, happenings in the neighborhood, and more. A new series on our website, Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll, will round up some of the questions and give our baristas the opportunity to let you know what they think. Enjoy!


What was the best movie released in 2014?


“The Wind Rises” – Troy, Vint

“Only Lovers Left Alive” – Tyler, HB-Frankfort Ave

“Palo Alto or Birdman” – Hans, HB-Douglass Loop

“Guardians of the Galaxy. Or Nightcrawler” – Stephanie, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“Nightcrawler was great! ^ But I second the vote for Guardians. Also, How to Train Your Dragon 2” – Katy, Vint

“Under the Skin. I’ll fight you all.” – Nick, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It” – Patrick, HB-Northfield

“Interstellar” – Amanda, HB-Northfield

“Boyhood!” – Jay, Vint

“Frozen” – Kevin, Vint

“Second on Interstellar.” – Ian, HB-Frankfort Ave

“The wind rises, guardians, or Lego Movie” – Kris, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Lego Movie because everything is awesome! DUH!” – John, HB-Shelbyville Rd

“It’s a tie between Under the Skin and Only Lovers Left Alive” – Samantha, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“Third on Interstellar. I still need to see Boyhood. And every time I hear “Only Lover Left Alive” I get the International Noise Conspiracy song with the same name stuck in my head.” – Chuck, HB Office

“The Grand Budapest Hotel and Interstellar. Yum.” – Virginia, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Dear White People” – Mary, HB-Frankfort Ave

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