Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll #4: Louisville Eats

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Our customers trust our barista’s opinions on more than just coffee: music, movies, tech, happenings in the neighborhood, and more. A new series on our website, Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll, will round up some of the questions and give our baristas the opportunity to let you know what they think. Enjoy!


When you have friends visiting Louisville, what is your go-to restaurant to show off the city?


“Cherokee Park, Nords, Pie Kitchen” – Kris, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Taco Luchador!” – Stephie, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“VK” – Jonathan, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“Havana Rumba, Dragon Kings Daughter. Oh yeah, El Mundo too!” – Maggie, HB Roastery

“Feast. Oo! Hammerhead or Game too.” – Dee, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Against The Grain” – Amanda, HB-Northfield

“Ramsi’s” – Patty, HB-Blankenbaker Parkway

“Subway” – Blake, HB-Blankenbaker Parkway

“I can’t think of just one. I’m pretty sure that we’ve taken almost everyone that has come to visit to Dragon King’s Daughter, VK, Against The Grain, Ramsi’s, Hillbilly Tea, and Feast at least once.” – Chuck, HB Office

“Lynn’s paradise ca– oh wait.” – Dee, HB-Schnitzelburg

New Albanian Pizzaria. And Sergio’s. Because beer.” – Katt, HB-Veterans Parkway

“Come Back Inn.” – Jay, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Doc Crow’s and Morris’ Deli” – Hans, HB-Gardiner Lane

“Ramsis, Nords” – Kimmi, HB-Gardiner Lane

“El Mundo $4 margarita’s on wed and thurs…cant beat it” – Lauren, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Dkd fa sho, Kashmir is amazing too.” – Jenna, HB-Gardiner Lane

“Sergio’s. Liquid food” – Chet, HB Roastery

“El Mundo, Palermo Viejo, VK.” – Andrea, HB Office

“Silver Dollar” – Joe, HB-Shelbyville Road

“Holy Grale” – Katie, HB-Frankfort Avenue

“Caspian Grill” – Josh, HB-Northfield

Breakfast: Wild Eggs, Nords, Highland Morning. Lunch: Vietnam Kitchen, Kashmir, Impellizzeri’s, Hillbilly Tea. Dinner: Hammerheads, Jack Fry’s, Ramsi’s, Eiderdown. Dessert: Pie Kitchen, Comfy Cow. And as much as it pains me to say it…Cafe 360.” – Virginia, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Silver Dollar. Fried oooookkkkkrrrraaaa.” – Mary, HB-Frankfort Avenue

“The Bard’s Town” – Patrick, HB-Northfield

Vietnam Kitchen, Hammerheads, Taco Luchador” – Tyler, HB-Frankfort Avenue

“Burger Boy in Old Louisville.” – John Mike, HB-Shelbyville Road

“Hammerheads, Holy Grale and Gralehaus, Taco Luchador, Dragon King’s Daughter, La Que or Vietnam Kitchen – – the list goes on and on. I basically invite people to Louisville just so we can go out to eat…A LOT.” – Ashley, HB-Longest Avenue


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