Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll #5: Snow Days

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Our customers trust our barista’s opinions on more than just coffee: music, movies, tech, happenings in the neighborhood, and more. A new series on our website, Meet Your Barista: Lunchtime Poll, will round up some of the questions and give our baristas the opportunity to let you know what they think. Enjoy!


When you were in school, what was your favorite way to spend a snow day?


“I would watch The Sandlot while eating pasta and drinking CapriSuns. ” – Dru, HB-Main Street

“In Tennessee, we got ice and a dusting of snow. when I’m not trying to skate on frozen mud puddles, i would be watching cartoons. ” – Josh, HB-Northfield

“In Vietnam, we don’t have snow day :(( We have flood day, but even then we would still have to go to school… *swim* to school” – Tuan, HB-Blankenbaker Parkway

“The beach was my backyard. When Lake Michigan would freeze, we’d throw on our North Face, Bulls Skully’s and mittens, get our sleds, walk the lake until we found the best wave and sled down it. It was awesome, until my Dad found out.” – Trae, HB-Chenoweth Lane

“I only remember one snow day, (I grew up in Savannah Ga.), but it was grand! I had snowball fights and attempted snowmen. It was very exciting. I stayed outside in it as much as possible.” – Kimmi, HB-Gardiner Lane

“Sledding dog hill in Cherokee, and nothing has changed” – Kevin, Vint

“Sled at Atherton and have snowballs fights with the neighbors” – Hans,  HB-Gardiner Lane

“I was homeschooled, so there usually wasn’t much snow *IN* the house so…..” – Dee, HB-Schnitzelburg

“Video games until our eyes fell out then sled down the hill in the cow pasture” – Troy, Vint

“Eating hot pockets and watching wrecks on the news” – Jay, Vint

“Video games in the morning, stayed outside all afternoon (snowball fights, hide & seek, tag – we had a high school in our neighborhood with tons of room to play)” – Chuck, HB Office

“When I was little I would annoy my older brother, but otherwise it was video games, sledding and procrastinating on my homework that I didn’t do the night before” – Joe, HB-Shelbyville Road

“My friend and I would literally sit on sleds and take turns pulling each other around the neighborhood…” – Parker, HB-Schnitzelburg

I dont remember actually, I had two older brothers so snow days were just spent avoiding accumulating further “little sister” PTSD I’m sure. Hiding in my room reading… waiting for my turn to play Duck Hunt that never came. *sobbing*” – Ella, HB-Schnitzelburg

“My mom would have to work anyway, so we’d usually end up at Berea Childrens’ Center on snow days. There was a GIANT and AWESOME hill out back, so we’d do a whole lot of sledding with our friends, plus snacks, crafts and general fun times were had.” – Maggie, HB Roastery

“Sledding on dog hill in Cherokee Park.” – Catherine, HB-Northfield

“Oh, how bout that one time my friend pulled a donut in a parking lot before we went sledding one day. He managed to hit one of two cars parked in the lot. This particular car also happened to belong to my dad. True story.” – Patrick, HB-Northfield

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