Meet Your Barista Lunchtime Poll: Giving thanks… for the FOOD!

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The truth is clear: Heine Brothers’ baristas LOVE Thanksgiving food!

So which dishes did we love this year? Check it out:


Mal: “My Grandma makes a mean thanksgiving meatball + sauce, I’ll tell ya.”

Lindsay: “All of it. Turkey and dumplins is special as its a family recipe and tradition but I do love all of it. Sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… all the things!  Is it weird that I really like eating the crisp skin off the turkey as soon as its out of the oven? I know, I’m a monster.”

Erica: “Omg everything. Literally can not pick.”

Madison: “The potatoes. All of ’em. Every kind. Mashed potatoes, fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes. The stuff of dreams.”

Alison: “Hawaiian rolls. But even better. One step up….Stuffing MADE WITH HAWAIIAN ROLLS.”

Perri: “Green bean casserole”


Olivia: “The turkey!”

Georgia: “Green bean casserole! And wine…lots of wine”

Ian: “All. The. Casseroles.”

Lyndsie: “I wish I didn’t read the other comments, I am SO hungry now 😭
But definitely broccoli casserole and derby pie.”

John: “Stuffing.”

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