Meet your Barista Lunchtime Poll: Music of the Moment

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Like the music you hear in your local Heine Brothers’ store? Our baristas are also our DJs!

When we asked them what else they’re listening to in their free time, we got some great recommendations:


“Top Gun soundtrack. Pretty much on repeat in the truck. No shame.
Long live Kenny Loggins.” -Erin @ Blankenbaker


“Everyone who works at my store knows I’m obsessed with Modest Mouse (like, they roll their eyes when they see that Pandora is on modest mouse radio again). Right now I’m loving their EP called “Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks.” Good stuff.” -Ashley @ Veteran’s


“The Greg Spero Quartet. Everything about it. But mostly the Hadrien Feraud bass lines I’ve been trying to steal from 4:20-8:35.” -André @ Douglass Loop


“Bahamas and that Sturgill Simpson Nirvana cover [“In Bloom”].” -Taye @ Schnitzelburg


“Milky Chance is my jam!” -Erica @ Vint


“The Districts and their “Telephone” EP. Also, they’re opening for Modest Mouse at the Iroquois Amphitheater in April!” -Hans @Gardiner


“The album “Multilove” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Recommended to me by our guy Patrick. This album is awesome! And they have a set at Forecastle this year so it’s something Louisville folks can really get pumped about.” -Alison @ Northfield


Fleet Foxes are apparently coming out of hiatus, so I have been too excited about that. Nothing official yet, but they’ve been talking about it to the press…!!!!!!” -Patrick @ Northfield

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