Meet Your Barista: Tess @ HB-Douglass Loop

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If you’ve met Tess, chances are you already know she’s one of the friendliest baristas around. You might also be able to tell she has flair for design (she’s a painter and a bookbinder). When she’s not working at HB-Douglass Loop and doing her artist thing, you might see her out and about at a community event for Heine Brothers’.
Erica, the Heine Brothers’ Events Manager, says working with Tess makes slinging coffee at events even more fun, “She’s friendly, a hard worker, and has a great eye for aesthetics.”
Say hello next time you’re at HB-Douglass Loop, and make sure to ask her about her pet hens!
How long have you been working at HB?
A little over 2 years.
Louisville Native or Transplant?
I grew up in Shepherdsville, but I like to consider myself a Louisville native.
When you’re not working at Heine Brothers’, what do you get up to?
You can usually find me cooking with friends, reading on my back patio, in a yoga class or hanging out with my roommates two adorable dogs and our 3 chickens

Which location do you work at?
HB-Douglass Loop
Tell us about your Book Binding business – what kinds of things do you make, etc.?
I started Bluegrass Bookbinding about 3 years ago. I make hand-sewn leather books for journaling, sketching, etc. I cut all of the paper and leather by hand and then sew it all together, adding buttons, ties and other details. All the leather is bought locally at Leatherhead!
What hooked you on book binding?
I took a couple of bookbinding classes in college and kind of fell in love. I enjoy the fact that it’s such a process-driven art form and it’s a great way for aesthetic and function to meet. It’s also great to be a part of other people’s creative processes. It’s so motivating to see what people do with my books.
What kind of painting do you do? Style? Inspiration?
I do oil paintings, mostly portraits or floral arrangements. I did my undergraduate thesis on portraits that relayed people’s personal philosophies through metaphor, which I really enjoyed doing.
Do you have a favorite book binding project or painting you’ve done?
My favorite painting is a portrait I did of a friend I’ve known since elementary school. She’s a fantastic, passionate person, so I love that painting because of her.
Where can people find your art and books?
You can find my books in Louisville at Awesome Opossum Gifts, or at Bricolage Art Collective in Paducah, additional products at Homespun in Indianapolis, or online at
Where do you look for inspiration?
From the people around me. I’m really lucky to know so many creative people who are self motivated and doing amazing things. Writers, artists, craftsmen, gardeners, small business owners.  It’s especially nice to see fellow Kentuckians doing all these things.
What’s your favorite event that you’ve worked at with Heine Bothers’?
I love working Creative Mornings. It’s such great energy and a totally worthwhile reason to get up early
Favorite HB drink & why?
My go-to drink is a Miel (hot or iced). Honey and cinnamon are perfect companions for coffee. And that’s a fact.

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