Meet Your Barista: Tiffany @ HB-Gardiner Lane

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Generous and inclusive, Tiffany is always finding ways to brighten up the day of her co-workers and customers. (Even as she was being interviewed for this Meet Your Barista feature, she started nominating a fellow barista for the next one!)

Stephanie, who now manages HB-Hikes Point, says of Tiffany, “Tiffany does all the cool things. She is the manager of the Flame Run glass blowing studio AND she makes art of her own. Carved and painted things with skeletons, sort of Day of the Dead. Oh and she is like obsessed with squirrels, or as she says in Spanish “ardilla”. I just love working with this girl!”

Which location do you work at?

HB-Gardiner Lane

How long have you been working at HB?

Four and a half years, I think

Louisville Native or Transplant?

Originally from Gainesville, FL

Stephanie mentioned you’re an artist – what kind of art do you make?

Mostly stained glass (I am named for Louis Comfort Tiffany, as in Tiffany glass), and carved wooden paintings


What inspires you when you’re making art?

Everyday people, Mexican Folk Art, and furry woodland creatures! (You can see my painted work at

Are you still at Flame Run?

Working at Heine Brothers’ is actually one of four jobs I have.  I am the gallery director and business manager of Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery, I am the book keeper at Tattoo Salvation, and the in-house art teacher at the YMCA Safe Place Shelter House for homeless and at risk youth.  I had an Instagram post of all some extra HBC cups that we couldn’t use for drinks, and made a castle with the Shelter House residents (below).

What do you love most about working with glass/glass art?

Blown glass is a challenge and the process is full of adrenaline.  Nothing makes you feel like a bad ass more than working with molten glass and carrying around pipe of 2000 degree glass, but these days I prefer the zen of stained glass, it’s like a slightly more hazardous paint by number.  I started working with glass both hot and cold in my last year of college.  Glass offers opportunities in light and transparency that are impossible in most other mediums.  The play with light gives each piece a life of it’s own, which suits the personality of working with a substance that doesn’t always want to work with you.

What’s your favorite animal & why?

Squirrels and manatees.  Squirrels are just funny, and manatees are my spirit animals.



Do you have any pets?

My puggle Porkchop, and my cats Sqwarl and Burrito.

What’s the farthest place you’ve been from Louisville?

Probably Germany, but I’m heading to Peru in the fall.

Anywhere on your must-see travel list?

Lisbon, Portugal; Phoenix, Arizona; and Cologne, Germany are some of my favorite places in the world so far.

Favorite HBC drink & why?

Coffee with lots of milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I like the taste of coffee, but the touch of cinnamon throws me back to delicious cappuccinos cathedral side in various parts of Europe, I could sit in the shade of a great Gothic cathedral and just stare all day.

I also like traditional cortaditos. My Mom is from Cuba and there is nothing like her Cuban coffee.



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