Meet Your Barista: Patrick @ HB-Northfield

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This morning we’d like you to Meet your Barista, Patrick! Patrick works at our Northfield store, and is also the inventor of our Campfire Tea Latte.

Patrick was nominated by a fellow barista for the Meet Your Barista spotlight because he, “is incredibly passionate about coffee and tea… Additionally, he’s a super talented musician, and we all appreciate his upbeat singing while he works at the bar – it keeps the mood and the good vibes going for everyone.”




Get to know Patrick, and have him fix you a Campfire Tea Latte, or his favorite, the Heine Palmer next time you’re at the Northfield store:


How long have you been working at HB?

I will have worked at Heine Bros. for two years in May!


Native or Transplant?

I grew up in a small town outside of Lexington. Moved to Louisville 5 years ago, and basically never want to leave.


Favorite HB drink & why?

This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I am pretty obsessed with our Heine Palmers. I’ve always had an affinity for lemonade, and once I got into enjoying tea, I tried the magic combination…never looked back. Our South India was the perfect choice for the drink, as well. A perfect balance.


Favorite author or book?

I spend most of my time just reading news articles these days, but if I had to pick an author, I would have to say George Orwell. I’m super creeped out by the implications of his writing’s subject-matter, but I love readings that challenge my comfort level.


Your most fearless moment/time you pushed yourself the farthest (so far)?

In November, I presented a concert where I had a mix of small and large ensembles play a total of 8 pieces/songs I wrote. It took a lot of planning, stress, hard work, and luck to pull it off in the time-frame I was working with. I conducted, played piano and marimba, and sang throughout. It was fun.




If someone was playing you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

Ashton Kutcher, I guess? I’ve had about a billion strangers and their mothers come up and say that I look like him.


Favorite place to go in Louisville or Southern Indiana?

The Highlands in general is my favorite place to be in Louisville. Great music/record shops, coffee, food, night life, and Cherokee Park! I could walk around The Highlands for hours.


What was your first car?

1994 Nissan Quest Minivan. Made in ’93, the same year I was born. What a fantastic vehicle.


Besides the Campfire Tea Latte, are there any other drink combos you’ve been experimenting with?

I’m probably never going to top the Campfire Tea Latte, so I haven’t really been experimenting with anything new. Northfield has some really creative people though, and I’ve been hearing some solid ideas floating around!



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One comment for "Meet Your Barista: Patrick @ HB-Northfield"

Ken Beilman

Posted on Tuesday 5th April, 2016, 11:12pm


Patrick is a great guy. He’s very valuable to me with his musical and recording skills. I’m not surprised he’s also a great barista!

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