Coffee of the Day

Ever-changing, our rich daily brew will energize you – morning, noon, and night! Always fair trade, organic, and roasted right here in Louisville!

Cafe Au Lait

Our Coffee of the Day topped with a generous dose of creamy steamed milk

Red Eye

Our Coffee of the Day with a shot of our dark & rich espresso added.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Our signature Dog Days Cold Brew coffee blend, cold-brewed for 12-16 hours to ensure delicious taste with less acidity than hot-brewed Iced Coffee.



– TEA –


Loose-Leaf Tea

We offer some of the world’s finest loose-leaf teas, all fair trade and organic!

Tea Au Lait

Our Loose-Leaf Tea with a generous dose of creamy steamed milk

Iced Tea

Pick from our Iced Tea of the day, or let us brew any of our loose-leaf teas for you over ice!

Matcha Latte

Made with Organic & Fair Trade Green Tea Matcha. Available hot or iced.






Our fair trade & organic espresso is perfect by itself. Rich, dark, honey-colored crema – perfection!


Espresso and hot water are mixed for a bold cup of joe! Available hot or iced.

Traditional Macchiato

Buttery espresso topped with a dash of creamy foam in this traditional-style tiny beverage

Con Panna

For those that want something bold with a little bit of sweet, our buttery espresso topped with whipped cream!


We pour our espresso over a mug full of creamy foam and top it off with a little extra steamed milk for this strong, traditional drink! Available hot or iced.


Creamy milk, rich espresso, and dense foam mingle in this oh-so-tasty favorite. For a sweeter option, try it with any of our flavors – Vanilla and Lavender are some of our favorites! Available hot or iced.


Our mocha is a classic! This latte is slathered with rich dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream! Available hot or iced.

White Mocha

For the light-hearted, this delectable sweet latte is just what the doctor ordered! Made with white chocolate, milk, espresso, and whipped cream. Available hot or iced


We mix gooey caramel sauce in to our signature latte to create this delicious drink! Available hot or iced.

Vanilla or Hazelnut Latte

Our delicious latte with a sweet hint of vanilla or hazelnut! Available hot or iced.





Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk and chocolate and nothing more goes in to our tasty hot chocolate. Why are the simple things in life the best?


Steamed milk with any flavor – like a hot chocolate, but with another flavor! Vanilla and Hazelnut are favorites around here.


a mixture of black tea, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and frothy milk – the spices might remind you of the holidays, but it’s sure to warm your heart year round. Available hot or iced.

Italian Soda

Sparkling water and your choice of flavor mingle to create the best soda you’ve ever tasted. Make it extra special as a creamed soda!





Fair Trade Mayan Mocha

A treat made with fair trade cocoa powder, raw sugar, cayenne pepper, and espresso! Available hot or iced.


Local Raw Honey mixed with cinnamon in a delicious latte. Available hot or iced.

Vint Julep

A local favorite made with Bourbon Barrel Foods’ smoked bourbon sugar and mint julep sugar. Available hot or iced.

Salty Turtle Mocha

Dark chocolate and sweet caramel mingle around with a touch of sea salt for this special treat! Available hot or iced.

Turmeric Chai

Our customer-favorite chai latte with added Turmeric, and optionally topped with freshly-ground black pepper. Available hot or iced.

Creme BruLatte

Just like the delicious dessert – but in a cup! Available hot or iced.





Frozen Cappuccino

A local favorite! Our own recipe of creamy espresso, milk, and a secret ingredient that’ll leave you wanting more!


Available in Tropical or Berry – we use frozen fruit and fruit juice – nothing more!


These frosty blended treats are sweet and creamy, with just the right amount of espresso.

Mocha Iceberg

Vanilla Iceberg

Beekeeper Iceberg

Caramel Vanilla Iceberg

Vint Julep Iceberg



Our version of a Chai Milkshake, the Chaiberg is sweet like honey, creamy like ice cream, and spiced like pumpkin pie!

Banana Chaiberg

Our original chaiberg, with an entire banana blended in!

Matcha Teaberg

A sweet Matcha green tea blended treat!

Frozen Vanilla Cream

Coffee-free vanilla treat!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Your favorite hot chocolate, but cold & blended!


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