From the time we opened our first shop in 1994, Heine Brothers’ Coffee regulars have taken us with them around the world – stowing a to-go mug or a bumper sticker in their luggage, and sending back photos for us to share.

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Instagram post 1787203281942780639_1363550003 Chuck took us to the Muckross House in Killarney, Ireland!⠀
Instagram post 1787162876945715165_1363550003 Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland!
Instagram post 1785150212673564906_1363550003 Cultured Coffee: you brought #heinebrothers with you on a visit to MOMA in NYC! #mugsaroundtheworld #coffeearoundtheworld
Instagram post 1780653138577831777_1363550003 Thich Tinh Tri representing #HeineBrothers in Thailand!⠀
#mugsaroundtheworld #coffeearoundtheworld
Instagram post 1779843554447479064_1363550003 A chance meeting of two #heinebrothers fans in Washington D.C! It's a HB world after all.⠀
#mugsaroundtheworld #heinebros #hbcoffee #louisvillecoffee #louisvillelocal #coffeearoundtheworld
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