Producer Cooperative Spotlight: Maya Vinic

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Fair trade is so important for farmers as well as buyers of coffee beans. It allows organizations like Maya Vinic to give hands on support and education to farmers. Maya Vinic has made it a top priority to work with farmers on a local level. They see the importance of incorporating local language and culture, as well as respecting the forms of self government that communities maintain. Maya Vinic is a Cooperative Union of 700 coffee farming families that grow and produce coffee beans from over 34 regions within the highland communities of Mexico.



Maya Vinic began in 2000, three years after the Acteal massacre. Founding members who had lost friends and family in the tragedy came together to create what is now Maya Vinic.  The coop gave the community a breath of new life providing a crucial resource of economic growth.



It wasn’t easy and the founding members had to work hard to establish a new farming system built on education, training, and communication. The Coop sees the great importance of using natural resources when producing high quality coffee. This is why they make an effort to provide their producers with education centered around sustainability.


From this individual care and effort comes a great cup of coffee! Their beans have a classic Chiapas profile that creates notes of caramel, chocolate, spices, with just a hint of fruit. Tasting the beans for yourself is one thing, but what about really knowing where they come from? Maya Vinic has created a great resource for just this. By visiting their website you can see learn more about their products, programs, and volunteer opportunities

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