Sustainability Facts


Heine Brothers’ Coffee has always believed that we should leave as small of a footprint as possible on the planet, and do good whenever possible to make the world a better place.

To-Go Cups

Our hot to-go cups are compostable AND recyclable, and our cold to-go cups are recyclable too!  Even our lids are recyclable.

Local Sourcing

Our food comes from local bakers & makers here in the Kentuckiana area – cutting down on transportation pollution & helping the local economy!


Our spent coffee grounds, tea leaves, and more are collected weekly and composted by the University of Louisville’s Food Waste Composting Project and the city of Louisville!

Coffee Roasting

Our coffee roaster – the Loring Smart Roast – is the most environmentally-friendly roaster on the market. It uses less fuel (and emits less CO2) than any other commercial coffee roaster machine.

Organic Farming

We only source coffee and tea from organic farms – organic farming prevents toxic pesticides from polluting the land, the plant, the farmer, and the consumer.

Reusable Tea Infusers

Ordering your tea in the cafe? We use reusable tea infusers – keeping tea bags out of the landfill and tea leaves in our compost!

Kentucky Dream

We created a tasty coffee blend, Kentucky Dream, with $5 from the purchase of each specially printed bag going to The Forecastle Foundation, for environmental projects at Pine Mountain and the Green River here in Kentucky.

Bottled Water

Instead of offering bottled water that has been trucked here from all over the US, we now offer bottled water in recyclable bottles that is filled here in Kentuckiana!

Raw Sugar

We offer fair-trade, organic, raw sugar on the condiment counters at all of our stores and have done away with paper sugar packets.

Cooperative Coffees

In 2000, Heine Brothers’ Coffee co-founded Cooperative Coffees, the world’s first organic, fair trade coffee purchasing cooperative. We buy directly from cooperatives of farmers in the growing countries. Thanks to our customers, we’re selling lots of fair trade, organic coffee and helping improve the life of coffee farmers all over the world.


Every week we go through tons of milk jugs, glass bottles, plastic containers, magazines, office paper, and newspaper here in our shops. We’ve been happily recycling all of that since the 1990′s.

Reusable Mugs

Buy a new or bring in your own reusable mug! When you bring it in you get discounts on drinks with it all year!

Less Waste

Instead of wooden stir sticks that get thrown away, we have reusable metal spoons to stir your coffee on the condiment counter of all of our shops!

Send a Message

If you have any ideas for further steps we can take, please email them to us!

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