Heine Brothers’ Coffee and Coop Coffees are supporting a regenerative agroforestry tree planting campaign in Northern Peru launched by Grow Ahead. Through the campaign, Grow Ahead is raising funds for one of Coop Coffee’s producer partners, Norandino Cooperative. Their goal is to revitalize coffee production in the region while supporting the conservation and reforestation of the local ecosystem. Norandino Cooperative and its producers have also already committed to financially contribute to the project.

What is Traveler Blend?

Traveler Blend is a medium roast, medium body coffee with notes of Blueberry and Dark Chocolate. Formerly an exclusive at our Vint Coffee location, this fair trade & organic coffee is terrific brewed at home and also makes a great espresso. Traveler Blend will be available in all Heine Brothers’ locations, as well as our online store, on June 1.

What is Heine Brothers’ doing?

Heine Brothers’ is donating a portion of the proceeds of each bag sold to the Norandino Cooperative through Grow Ahead. The proceeds donated from one bag will cover the cost of the Norandino Cooperative planting one tree in Northern Peru. Our goal is to plant over 1,000 trees in the first year.

Who is the Norandino Cooperative?

Norandino is a fair trade organic cooperative made up of over 7,000 small producer families of cacao, coffee, panela, and fruit in coastal, highland, and jungle regions in northern Peru. They support small producers by providing storage services, processing and transformation, logistics, consultancy, and exportation and promotion of products. Norandino’s aim is to provide these services with transparency and competitiveness, and to contribute to improving the quality of life for our small farmers in northern Peru.

How is Coop Coffees involved?

Our friends at Coop Coffees are matching all funds that Heine Brothers’ donates in this project. That means that, for every 12 oz. bag of Traveler Blend we sell, two trees will be planted by the Norandino Cooperative.

Who is Grow Ahead?

Grow Ahead is a crowdfunding platform that helps small-scale family farmers address climate change in their communities. By contributing through Grow Ahead, individuals and organizations can support climate resiliency initiatives that have a proven track record of success in farming communities.

To learn more about Grow Ahead, please visit: GrowAhead.org

What are the goals of the project with Grow Ahead?

– 135,000 coffee seedlings of a variety naturally resistant to “La Roya” will be cultivated and planted on 30 hectares

– 69,000 native tree seedlings will be cultivated in the first year for the reforestation of an additional 55 hectares

– Three community associations will be created to monitor ecosystem health and to support with education and capacity-building around conservation and fair carbon certification

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